iOS app 1.6.47 released (May 8, 2020) followed by 1.6.48 (May 15, 2020)

47 was pretty fast for me. They didn’t fix being able to add offline devices to automations.

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The History page bug I posted with .47 still exists too.

Even though the data is up to date, the last sync time does not update until you pull down and refresh the page.

What fan are you using?

Is there a change log for these updates? I just got iOS ST app 1.6.48.

The official smartthings change logs are in the app under notices

I have an « old » iPhone 6 Plus and this version is faster than the previous ones. (±20-30%). I dream it will be as fast as Homekit but I know I will have to change my phone in a very near future. With my iPad mini 5(A12), it is very fast…


I am having a weird smart issue that the developer is saying is an iOS app issue. Would support be able to take a look?

The following is the post that details the issue:

You should contact ST directly to report the issue… either from the app > menu > contact us or by email at

But the standard ST response for 3rd party custom apps is to contact the developer.:frowning: