iOS 2.4.0 - Release Notes

2 steps forward and 1 back -or-

1 step forward, 1 back?

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Yessir…that’s why I added it as an after thought at the end. :slight_smile:

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I completely agree! Seeing any change is nice, even if those changes need some adjustments. I think this is very encouraging for the ST world.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but then again maybe it’s a train headed straight for me.

Kudos SmartThings @kleneau! You may make a believer out of me after all :slight_smile:


Becomes a maintenance nightmare (for me) when the DTHs are updated tho. I did that same thing for the background colors for some of my custom apps and every time there was an update, I would have to make a new copy and make my adjustments. That is until they finally standardized the new color scheme for the most part. :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh. Ok. Didn’t know that. When you get some time throw that over in pm :slight_smile:

Oh man, something on which @geko and I agree.


Nice hat there, Robin…


really strange but I went to the App store on my phone, instead of a ‘get’ button to click on to download the latest version, all I have is a ‘open’ button. Seems as though my iPhone thinks I have the new 2.4version of the App when I have confirmed it is only ver 2.3.6.

Anyone have ideas on how to get around this?

And here I thought it was a tent!

I’d like to see:

  • The return of the custom background. It is the main thing I lament from the very old apps. Seems like an easy addition into the UI.
  • Landscape Dashboard on rotate?
  • Unified UI style.
  • A bit more density - 2 up icons presents a lot of space between them. I don’t think 3 up would fit (on smaller phones) but perhaps some additional controls next to the circles?
  • When managing favorites, it would be nice if they appeared at the top of the list or there was a way to remove more easily. Perhaps in rearrange view a drag off the box or into a remove area.

Looks like they also snuck in Zigbee utilities to the hub menu. Only insecure rejoin now, bu maybe OTA update settings in the future?

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Mine has now been “logging in” for 20 minutes…:disappointed_relieved:

Try force quitting the app and re-launching it.

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Finally got logged in. Nice to see a tablet app, but clearly the practice of not doing a quality assurance runthrough for the accessibility options continues.

Also I couldn’t get toggle on the things screen to work at all, it would just take me to the details for that device. But I’m not sure if that was something I was doing wrong or not.

How did you change the icons/pictures in the “things” list?

Where did you get the “Damage & Danger”? That is not present on my Android.

I’m glad to see that the broken image carousel got some love - and is now even more broken :grimacing:

Whereas previously the small images were working and the main image eventually showed the correct thing after major corruption they now both are completely unusable:

At least things haven’t changed in the “Recently” tab for images - just as useless as before (having gigantic cells but still showing the image and text over each other while filling everything with tons of empty white space is not the most efficient UI):

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It’s a holdover from August 2015. Anything you had on the original dashboard before version two of the mobile app was released in the Fall of 2015 is retained until you have removed all of the devices from that dashboard category. When you’ve removed it, you can never get it back again.


Yeah, the very old dashboard.


Yes I was happy to see that I didn’t lose my old dashboard modules.

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