iOS 2.2.0 - Release Notes

That solved it. Bummer it can’t be done from the app. Seems like an oversight.

This is a option in the SmartApp itself. That’s why I asked if it was custom. If it is, the author didn’t specify where the uninstall button should be presented. If it is not a custom app let me know which one and I will fix it. :slight_smile:


If you open to the idea there is a way to work around it with a custom Device Handler as well. Thanks for the feedback, that has long been a missing feature we lost sadly, I’ll make sure to flag on the roadmap though.

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I think the app update broke the control for the Samsung Powerbot… and accessing Samsung Smart Home on Dashboard…
Samsung Robotic Vacuum fails to load the device page within My Home -Things. Gives me a connection errror. I removed the vacuum. Then added it back. No problems locationing the vacuum in during the setup. Going back to the device page I continue to get a connection error…

Also the below error message appears when navigating Dashboard - Samsung Smart Home.
{“error”:true,“type”:“groovy.lang.MissingMethodException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

Please fix.

Ever since updating the app it automatically crashes when i try to log in. I have ios 8.4 currently jailbroken on my iphone. Is the smartthings app blocking jailbroken phones?

Yea, I looked at that option, and might at some point when I get fed up with the issue. Just wanted to call it out because we use to be able to do that. Not sure why it would be pulled out.

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It keeps logging me out. Is that a “feature”??


Here is another bug @kleneau @slagle if using the input type “time” and the user clears the value, submitOnChange won’t be triggered. Try this simple piece of code, you get stuck in an infinite loop:

input "userStartTime", "time", title: "Start Time", required: (settings."userEndTime" ? true : false), submitOnChange: true
input "userEndTime", "time", title: "End Time", required: (settings."userStartTime" ? true : false), submitOnChange: true

Widgets stop working after some time. If I open the app the widgets start working again for a while then fail again. Is this a known bug. It only started with the recent app update.

Yep, the widgets and the watch app are useless now. I’d be really surprised if they wouldn’t screw something up again. :angry:

I am really trying to give ST the benefit of the doubt, but the last 3 days have been pretty bad.

Same here. What a joke.

Same here, I’ve logged in 5 times today. What a joke.

They are so focused on the mass market the removed the only way a mass market customer would be able to do this. What a joke.

I just had a crash notice in red at the top of my iPhone 6s screen, and then the app quit. I logged back in and it deleted all of my widgets. The latter has happened several times now.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to straighten out the inability to correctly use my phone as a presence sensor (said I was always present even if I wasn’t). Once I got it working, it quit again after the update.

Can you eloborate more on when it’s logging you and out? Do you have mobile presence, how long do you go between app launches, etc. I am keeping an eye on a similar issue and would like to trouble shoot some more. Thanks, Kyle.

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@Jim do you know if there was a change here or a documentation update to support this?

Count me in to the people who are getting forcibly logged out every few hours. Great job on increasing security, making sure that even WE can’t get into our own systems. What an awful mess.

Had to roll back the update on my phone to a workable 2.1.5 cause the app kept crashing when i tried to log in or sign up. Latest update makes the app useless.

@kleneau My hunch is it’s tied to a change in presence. I’m solely basing that on the fact that it seems to occur every time I arrive home, and start the app to check why none of my “hello home” actions have run.

Btw I submitted my presence logs through the app last night if you want to check them?

Also seems like poor planning… release a big update on Friday then Smartthings staff leaves for the weekend leaving no one to fix issues till Monday. While customers grow more frustrated.
Seriously… Not that hard to plan. Update Monday’s and the rest of the week to fix what was broken…


I have the same strategy at work. Never work on Fridays… ummm sorry, I mean, never push updates on Fridays :wink: he he