iOS 2.2.0 - Release Notes

would love if you would add back the option you all took away where we could pick what data we wanted to see on multi devices. I got a bunch of contact sensors I use only for temperature, it is a pain to keep clicking into each one to see the temp


Has the ability to create a new mode been removed? After following instructions in FAQ (see below) I can’t seem to find the “Add a new mode” option anymore.

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I cannot find a way to add new modes. Anyone else have any insight?

You can do it in the IDE under Locations> click location > Modes (add new)

You have enough modes, why would you need to add more. Interestingly enough, Android add button is gone too!

I appreciate the quick response. This workaround is working for now.

@alex I would still like to reiterate. There are bunch of devs on this forum including myself @yvesracine @pstuart @Ron @tgauchat @ady624 @Mike_Maxwell and others who have lots of popular apps being used across the community. We have offered multiple times to do beta tests on new releases to enable everyone to have the best experience, ST staff their due credit for the hard work they’re putting into this. Take us up on our offer, we have lots of UI and SmartApp test cases we can run quickly and let you know if things are amiss. It’s a win win situation.




You can still do it through the IDE, but it’s not intuitive.

  1. click on “community” at the top right of this page.

Two) click on “developer tools” at the top right of the first page of the community section.

Three) sign in with your SmartThings account

  1. choose the “my locations” tab

  2. on the list of your locations, choose the one where you want to add a new mode. This will open its location detail page.

  1. scroll down until you see the list of your existing modes. It’s not obvious, but there is a clickable link called “create new” at the top of that list. Click on it.

  1. this will open a page where you will be able to add a new mode.

@slagle if there is some new way to do this through the SmartThings mobile app that you guys just haven’t told us about yet, please let us know. :sunglasses:

(Also, if there is a shard issue on this so that clicking on developer tools takes some community members to a page where they can sign in but they can’t actually see their own locations, I give up. :scream: SmartThings staff can explain it for those who can’t find their own modes page.)


To paraphrase @JH1


Thanks! SmartThings needs to update their documentation for this.
Is this new for this release or was the ability to create modes in the app taken away earlier?


Thank you! I just went through adding modes to my new setup a few days ago and I’ve been tweaking everyday, so I intuitively thought I did something wrong!

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For Android is new to this release. I added a mode just last week.

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I’m not upset with you JDRoberts about this. I’m upset with ST’s requiring us computer/ non-codeing simpletons to use that option of the IDE for what should be available on the app or even better a simple web based program.

That IDE option sucks big time. It is not easy for me or my 2 kids that I hooked-up with a ST’s system.

In my opinion, ST’s will not grow until it becomes more computer novice friendly.


I have been asking to help beta test the app for awhile now. I know that developer advocates have tried to push for us to have access to the beta, but it never seems to happen.

I use a lot of trickery to try and make Nest Manager look decent in the limited ST UI. It’s nerve racking every time an update is announced because you have to wonder what did they regress, or wonder if they actually fixed any of the annoying bugs that having plaguing the mobile clients (Particularly the android client).

All I know is that a user’s first interaction for ST is with the mobile app so why not use every resource available to you to help you refine the user experience?


You know even if they can’t “invite” us to the party, they have access to the code (yes I’ve given ST access to RBoyApps) and they can test it for themselves. Like you said bottom line is to ensure a great consumer experience.


I agree @rboy I have sent support test Device Code on several occasions to test sliders, tile update etc. They could use these and make them better for testing each update. Why they can’t write a comprehensive set of test devices such as this is beyond my understanding. I would greatly improve quality control if they wrote several test devices which used documented features and ran them through their paces every time they had a release candidate. That said I have given up my hopes this will ever improve a long time ago. This is why I am anxiously waiting for a competing product, this is where I have moved my hopes.

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I no longer see a way to delete a SmartApp under the new Automations location?

You will still need to open the SmartApp in question and click the uninstall button within the app itself.

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The app I’m trying to delete does not have an uninstall button. Suggestions?

Custom App?

Uninstall from ide ?

IDE->My Locations->{select location}->List Smart Apps->Edit

After clicking Edit all the “update” buttons become “uninstall” buttons. Smart Things is the best at writing obfuscated ui. Why not just have Update and Uninstall Buttons…I’m stumped.

Anyway took me a while to figure this out but I bet it will help you.

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