iOS 2.5.0 - Release Notes

Today we released a new version of iOS 2.5.0 that just fixes a few bugs we have seen from the recent 2.4.1 release.

  • New SmartThings branding! Check out our new streamlined logo.
  • Personalize your dashboard. You can now use a custom image for your dashboard wallpaper.
  • Accessibility support has improved in Routines and Dashboard.
  • Fix for some devices experiencing text display issues on device tiles.
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

If you are still experiencing the logout issues please continue to report the error and send your logs.


I am always hoping to see “Mobile Presence Sensor Issues” on the change log…

Maybe I am in the minority here, but I actually liked the old multi color logo better.


Hey Kyle, what are the many more improvements?


@kleneau what accessibility improvements were made?

Can you discuss why you guys weren’t able to fix the problem that’s been preventing @JDRoberts (and presumably others with physical limitations) from using the mobile app for months now? That seemed like a priority based on your previous responses in other threads.


Did the actual versus “fake” mode in the mobile app get fixed? :wink:

Another thing I can never understand is how come the mode is never shown on the Dashboard? Isn’t it the most obvious thing you would expect to see on a dashboard?


Why do you and ST continue to only respond to JDRoberts with empty promises?

When he posts information the ST team responds that they are concerned and want to make it better, yet this continues to just be empty promises.

Are these issues actual on the list of things to address or maybe the people offering to work on it not the people in charge of deciding what the team is working on? Either it’s on the list of things to fix (a priority) or it’s not. Let’s face it, app dev has a list of things to fix and a list of things to implement - it’s either on the list for the next version or it’s not.

Is it on the roadmap, or is there a story or whatever methodology you use for application development because if it’s not then we both know it’s not going to get done!

I think it’s completely unacceptable that ST isn’t making this part of the SOP.


I’m not asking for any kind of special treatment, thanks. It has been frustrating, because it used to be much more usable, but so it goes. This isn’t the first app that went backwards with regards to accessibility. :disappointed_relieved:

It may be that full accessibility tests will only be done for the Samsung connect version of the app, which I believe right now is only available on the galaxy eight line. If so, that’s understandable, although I would hope they would mention that so those of us who are using other phones will know what our choices are.


Nope. You still have to force kill the app to reflect the. correct status. We have had 4-5 iOS app releases since then? No?

Same issues with my iphone 6s plus regarding using it as a presence sensor on 2.5.0

I would not advice anybody be on iOS to upgrade to 2.5.0:

I’m having major problems with the new iOS app (version 2.5.0 on iOS 10.3.1). The presence sensor for using my phone as a presence device is not working at all!
When I leave home, unless I go into the ST app, my presence is not registered as leaving. This is a major problem considering the hub doesn’t know I’ve left therefore can’t arm/unarm SHM.
I have tried:

  1. Rebooting my phone
  2. Removing the app and reloading
  3. Rebooting the hub
  4. Rebooting my broadband (and therefore wifi)
  5. Checking iOS app settings - everything is set right (i.e. Location is set to always use, background app refresh is set to on, mobile data is set to on)
  6. Terminating the app before leaving home

Nothing is working.
Also, I have tried going into the app 20 minutes before leaving home. Still no joy!

iOS is now on 10.3.3, whilst not a major leap from 10.3.1, it may be worth updating to the latest iOS version to keep everything up to date and help with troubleshooting.

My iOS presence seems to be working, but we are also having issues with Android Marshmallow presence not working! It’s really flaky.

I am on iOS 10.3.3 and ST App 2.5.0 with no issues noted regarding presence. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Did anything else recently change regarding your ST setup (e.g. added another phone using the same ST account?) or your home network (e.g. replaced your home router/cable modem?) Lots of things can impact mobile presence detection (including software updates!)

Try hitting reset network settings in your iPhone, also go into Privacy -> location and turn off frequent places.

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No problem with presence, but the app crashes a lot.

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@ogiewon and @RBoy literally nothing else has changed for my setup apart from the app upgrade.
ST support have suggested the following:

As this hasn’t worked for you, the next step would be to try removing and readding your phone as a Mobile Presence. To do this, here are the steps:

Tap My Home
Tap Things or Family
Select the device
Tap the gear icon
Tap remove and confirm
Next, re-add your phone as a Mobile Presence as follows:

Tap Marketplace
Under Things, tap Sensors
Tap Presence Sensors
Tap Mobile Phone
Tap Connect Now
Give your device a name and select an image
Tap Done

I will give that a try. I will just have to play with WebCoRE after remove/add as I have a few pistons that use Presence e.g. The biggest being arming and unarming SHM. If that doesn’t work, I will try your suggestion @RBoy.

Thanks everyone


I recently had to reset my network settings after installing iOS 11. I’d try that first. Probably less of a pain.

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So I tried the ST suggestion of removing the mobile presence but this didn’t work. I’m now going to try resetting network and privacy stuff as suggested by @RBoy

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So far so good. @RBoy your suggestion of network settings and recent locations seems Ron have done the trick. Just go at to see what happens tonight when I go home from work


iOS 11 is the latest iOS and is currently in Beta testing, so irregular functionality and things not working is to be expected. Troubleshooting issues with a Beta install will be entirely different from those running the current iOS 10.3.x release.