iOS 2.0.7 - Release Notes - 1/07/2016

SmartThings iOS 2.0.7 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. In addition we worked on design polish, navigation flow improvements, copy changes. Notable feature improvements and bug fixes are detailed below.

Feature Improvements:

  • Add text labels to menu icons at bottom of screen
  • Change reference of ‘Uninstall’ throughout the app to ‘Remove’
  • Removed “shop” link from context menu
  • Visual clean-up of sizing, spacing of lines, fonts, and icons
  • Replaced location name with “My Home” in header

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed device name that is saved during DGSE to be consistent on all subsequent DGSE screens
  • Fixed temperature with Celsius scale to show one decimal place
  • Fixed issue changing modes
  • Fixed crash when opening detail page for presence sensor
  • Removed “All Modes” from Routine Configuration Options
  • Fixed SmartApps tab isn’t displaying the icons associated with SmartApps
  • Fixed backing out of ‘Add a Location’ can delete your current location
  • Fixed GE link bulb does not display the actual level %
  • Fixed temp offset not remaining
  • Fixed, app should gracefully handle any length of text without overlap
  • New error message if the client loses data connection while signing in to the app

Thanks for this! Lots of good stuff here.

One request, though: surely there’s a way to push these updates without requiring me to log in all over again and set up my widget preferences. Would really like to have that for future updates.

Does this release include the BMW integration that was recently announced and that was included in the 2.0.7 release on Android?

what is “copy changes”?

Doesn’t look like it, both from release notes and the Smartthings app appearing in the BMW connected drive app

Curious - I never have to do this…I just update the app via the App store on the iPhone and the iPad and it just works…no need to log back in, no need to reconfigure widgets (they’re still there and working as originally set up)…:confused:

Is iPad app coming any time soon?


Weird. Both my wife and I have to log in again and reset the widget every update. Both have an iPhone 6.

We are still working on the iOS BMW integration so this will be in a future release

Content changed in the app, sometime this is changing a word, other time rewriting sentence that appear on some of the app screens.

It’s on our product roadmap, but not currently under deployment. Curious to know what type of features you would like to have on iPad that would be different from the Phone.

I use my iPad a lot, and I mean, a lot. Mostly in landscape mode. So every time I need to open SmartThings app, I have to rotate it to the portrait mode. Huge inconvenience. C’mon, I know you can do it. Vera did it in their December release. :smile:


They really need to just fix the widget issue when you are signed out. I reported it to support, but I’m not sure if they are planning to do anything about that.

IDE access without a doubt so we don’t have to use a mobile browser. Pasting code, Github, etc is all painful right now on a mobile browser.

I was told by Ryan in support that it will be in the next release in a couple of weeks.

Why wasn’t it released for both platforms at the same time? Why not either wait to announce it or wait to release it until it you have it ready for both platforms.

What’s the ETA? “Future release” is intentionally vague and that’s not fair to your customers.

I had to login again this time and so did my wife. I haven’t had to do that since the 2.0 update I think it was that it was a known issue. I actually had to login again this morning, so hopefully I’m not getting hit by the “iOS app is signing me out all the time issue”. And everytime it happens I have to reconfigure widgets…

There has to be UI/layout possibilities with the larger screen sizes, but at the very least make the app anamorphic to iPad screens. iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 and yet the app looks and shows more on my iPhone. It looks terrible on the iPad.


  1. how about taking advantage of newer multitasking options to snap the app to one side, so I can always have my home control there while reading emails/surfing the web.
  2. Landscape layout: left half is the typical screens, right half lets you see into the next menu layer. So pick a room on left, see room screen on right. (I’m sure there’s even better layout options, but this wouldn’t change current screens).
  3. I like the IDE access option, and again multitasking will be key to ease Github copying.

That’s the easy stuff! :smile:

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fingers crossed!

I’m curious about the decision to replace the location with “my home” in the header. What if your ST is at your office?


People who have wall-mounted (or in my case, wheelchair-mounted) tablets in landscape mode have a real problem with an app that only opens in portrait. :wink: