iOS 2.1.2 - Release Notes - 5/2/2016

Hey at least your app updated. Mine is stuck in update and won’t open! :slight_smile:

Wait till you see how large the text is on the slide down notifications. Think of the size of the numbers on a senior friendly phone.


I was also having the issue where after the update it would crash on opening. Restarting the iPhone solved this for me.

Anyone having Presence issues since update (iphone) ?

Both mine and my misses phone would not go into Away mode when we left the house a couple of hours ago.

Thus, did not set and arm the house or shut anything down.

If one of the 2 failed I would assume, maybe the phone or something, but the fact that both refused to register as “Away” - been in and out 2 times and both times failed.

I agree with almost all points you make. I created a concept of what I believe would be a better organization of information, and better accessibility to features such as notifications. Hopefully some of these ideas gain traction - iOS Information Architecture Exploration

I can’t say I am having any presence issues as you describe, however I am seeing an alarm type entry now, and I have no idea what it’s for…

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Mine and my wife’s are working fine so far.

The next button is also missing from the authPage after generating a token on smartapps that connect to third-party cloud. It’s there on Android but not iOS. You have to press back after the token is generated and it will proceed. This is not an emergency but can become confusing to those that are new

I’m having issues when the app isn’t foregrounded.

Update has made it even slower when selecting a room for the devices to populate. I didn’t think that was possible.

There has got to be a department that actually tests this stuff out before it’s releases right? Is there a beta test group that they could create to real world test the apps prior to public release? Just a thought.

I believe Jody was asking for the IOS version your phone is running and which model Iphone may also help. Current Version for the Iphone is 9.3.1. I’m just mentioning this. I have not update yet and will wait to hear more feed back.

Jody I imagine if it is possible please share with everyone what router, Iphone model and version you are using may help.
If you can also include all the hardware spec’s, and soft and firm versions you folks do your testing on may help us all understand a little better what is going on!!

According to a statement when asking the same question after the previous update broke things that were discovered within the first few hours after the release, there currently is no beta program - they are exploring it…

Testflight allows 1000 devices per app. That is limited?

That’s what I said (and it actually is 2,000 users, not devices these days):

That comment was met with :cricket: :wink:

Unfortunately this breaks (at least) the Virtual Thermostat app. I’ve checked now on several friends iPhones, under “Set for specific mode(s):” it says, “There are no available modes.”. I have about 20 of these apps controlling every vent in my house. The support guy said it was a known issue that would be fixed quickly. We have all heard that one before. :frowning:

Same here. Presence did not update until I brought ST to the foreground. Wife’s phone is running the old version and it updated fine/normally

I wish I didn’t have the app on autoupdate. I’m disabling that feature now

You’re it. :wink:

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There was once even a group from this community that were trusted testers. From my understanding they used to submit quite a lot of feedback.