iOS 2.0 - Can't remove device

(Steve S) #1

Just started with new app … bug:

My hub (for n+1th time) has “forgotten” a device (Jasco switch). So in the v2.0 app I try to remove the device - which, as always, doesn’t work because the hub and device have lost sync. So I force-delete, go through the two “yes, I really want to force-delete” buttons and it churns and puts me right back out on my “things” list with the device still there. Nothing I can do removes it. I’ve even now re-added the force-deleted device and so now I have two entries in my “things” list representing the same switch - once that I can’t delete and the now-readded-functional one.

How do I remove a “thing” that has been shunned by the hub? And a while I’m at it – will hub 2.0 improve the spontaneous “forgetting” of switches that seems to happen regularly. And even more while I’m at it - WHY oh WHY do I have to manually removed a device from all apps before deleting it??? If I’m deleting the device, just delete it from all apps that use it!

PS - this “forgetting” is not new:
Post from July
Post from May '14


Please email so that they can assist you with troubleshooting this issue. Sorry for the trouble!

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@Tyler - this is far from new… I edited my post to include links to two other times I mentioned it here. Others report it too. I know how to work around / solve the issue. The problem is there is a bug that makes it re-occur on a somewhat regular basis. That should not be - this is not a support issue. It’s a system level issue.

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@Tyler - sorry - I am referring to the forgetfulness issue - I will contact support to get my phantom device deleted.