How to fix a "forgotten" switch?


Every so often, I will have a switch that ST will just “forget” and there’s no way to control it, event s don’t get reported, etc. It’s very frustrating, because there may be 5 or more “apps” that use that switch and I have to go delete it from every single app, then force-delete the switch (regular delete doesn’t work). Then re-add it to everything.

Sometimes, I even need to cycle the circuit breaker providing power to that switch to get ST to see it again.

Please tell me there is a better way… right??

What model number? Is it always the same switch, or different ones?

Suspect that this is a GE switch, interested in seeing what the response is to your question

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I would be interested to know of any solution for this as well. Happened to me once

The solution will probably depend in part on the specific model of switch. Different things can cause this same symptom.

It’s the GE/Jasco on/off switch. I have about a dozen or so of them in my setup and it’s different switches each time it happens. In some cases it’s just one, in some cases it’s been 2 at a time (in different parts of the house).

Yeah, I was afraid of that.

This is a known problem with Jasco in wall switches. Nothing to do with SmartThings–you’ll find the same problem discussed on Vera and Homeseer boards.

The good news is you don’t usually have to do all the work you’ve been doing. Instead, cut power at the breaker, restore power, and you may find the switch is found again.

If not, still cut and restore power, exclude the switch, then do a zwave “replace” as though it were a new device, and at least you won’t have to touch the Smartapps.

i missed this post before… i wonder why i’m particularly vulnerable?

Did you buy all the switches at the same time from the same retailer?

Well that’s a good question. I have about 20 of them in my house and I purchased maybe half at my local Lowes (as they replaced their 2 or 3 in stock each time) and the rest in one batch buy from amazon. Of course this was almost two years ago now and I have no clue which ones are which anymore.