Invalid Hub Key

Like many, I’ve waited for months and months to get my Smartthings and disappointed because it doesn’t work. Setup seemed easy but now the app will not take my hub key. Getting an invalid hub key error. I know a few people have had a similar issues with no resolutions. Any help from smart people or support team would be appreciated.

The resolution is pretty easy. You need to email and tell them what you told us. They will assign you a valid key.

Does anyone know if the Support team works on Saturdays. I was all set up and then my outlet quick functioning. In troubleshooting I disconnected and reset, uninstalled, uninstalled Smart Things app and reinstalled. Now I’m getting hub key error. I uninstalled the app countless times and I’m getting nowhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks Cory! I’ve email support and i’ll update when I get a response. I really do hope they work Saturday, love to play with this over the weekend.

I received a reply on twitter saying the hub key can only be used once then a new hub key has to be issued and to do as Cory suggested get a support ticket started and “they will get to you soon.” Crossing fingers they get to us both today so that we can get up and running.

Support is fab. They reset my key and now my hub is set up! Turns out that if you delete your hub in the app the key becomes invalid. The only issue I have now is my smart plug. My app doesn’t see it.

Anthony - is your plug the SmartPower Outlet (zigbee) or another device? (z-wave)