New user, but unable to activate used hub

(Andrew Maiman) #1

Hi, everyone! I’m new to the community, and looking forward to building a smart home with SmartThings as one of the core components. It looks like there’s an excellent community of users here, so this should be a lot of fun to work with once I’m able to get started.

I bought a used hub (and a variety of sensors/switches) off of eBay. Unfortunately, this means that the hub activation code was already used. I sent an e-mail to about it, and they promptly replied asking for the serial number, activation code, and a photo of the bottom of the unit, which I provided. The support rep couldn’t get it to reactivate, though, and said he’d talk to a supervisor the following morning. That was over two days ago, and I’ve received no further replies to my support case since then. (Support request #103741)

Anyone have any ideas what I can do to move this along? I’m anxious to begin using SmartThings, but I can’t get very far with a hub that won’t activate. I’d really like to be able to start setting things up this weekend. The auction mentioned that it was one of the original Kickstarter edition models; I’m not sure if that’s contributing to the issue or not. I have the original box with the activation card, etc.

(Ron S) #2

@amaiman I think ST support is the only option here. They are extremely efficient and helpful. I am sure they will get back. Bug them again. :slight_smile:

(Aaron S) #3

@Ron you forgot that they are also good looking!

@amaiman We are working on this and will follow up on the support ticket.

(Andrew Maiman) #5

@Aaron Thanks for jumping on this, I appreciate it! I just sent back the additional info that support/you requested. I didn’t think to try taking it apart before, but when I just looked at the circuit board, it looks like the number on that barcode doesn’t match the one on the housing, so that might have been the issue.

(Andrew Maiman) #6

I’m happy to report that support sent me a new hub and I’m now up and running with SmartThings! So far I have two switches, iPhone presence, and my Nest Thermostat set up.

Also picked up an Aeon Labs whole-house energy monitor but I didn’t realize that installing it involved opening the electrical panel, so I’ll wait on that until the next time I have an electrician here (and will only have him install it if it’s code-legal, etc.)