Brand new hub, "Your code is invalid"

I’ve seen several posts with this problem, but haven’t been able to find a solution.

Brand new hub, and setup gives me “Your code is invalid”. I’ve also factory reset the device, and get the same error once it comes back after a few minutes. Waited 10 minutes and grabbed some coffee (per one suggestion), and still no go.

The “helpful tips” and “contact support” in app links just take me to generic pages, and not to actually contacting support.

Any ideas? I can’t get past device setup.

If you go to just look for the “get in touch” area at the bottom of the page. Then contact support via phone, email or chat.

So the apparent answer is “wait another hour or two and try again”.

There might be something going on if this is really happening more often recently. Worth letting support know, if people don’t open tickets they don’t devote as many resources to squashing bugs.

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