Intrusion detected announcement?

i would like to be able to get an alert thru my speakers if smart home monitor with scout alarm detects an intrusion. is this possible? i have core, alexa helper and echosistant installed but cant really find a way to do this>

Hi Dan,
I know EchoSistant will announce your SHM status changed for armed home, armed away, and disarmed. I’ll look into it announcing intrusion alerts as well.

I have an alert set up for intrusion using CoRE and my Sonos speakers.
Want me to post the piston?

Yes, that would great, I’ma novice at core so any help we great

I have separated things up for various reasons but this could all be in one piston.
Here is how I have it set and am more than happy to explain my reasoning if you wish.

I do this using the Aeon Doorbell, pre-recorded message and CoRE

You can do this in SHM (Security) -> Configure intrusion alarm notifications -> Audio Notifications -> Custom Message

…or pick on of the default sounds.


Perfect, completely overlooked it. Thanks