Arm and disarm smart home monitor, play a notification over sonos

Looking to arm and disarm the smart home monitor via a button (e.g. the aeon labs minimote), at which time I will hear a notification saying “Alarm engaged” or some other custom sound.

Using a button to arm and disarm is no problem. Notify with sound can play custom notifications i want, but only reacts to mode (away,home) changes, not smart home states (armed home, armed away, disarmed)

Any ideas how to make this happen?

Take a look at Big Talker. ([(OBSOLETE See 1.1.10 or later) 1.1.8 10/11/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur) I think it will do what you’re wanting to do. I’ve got mine setup to alert on all of my Sonos players when doors open or close. Cheers!

Thanks for the link. Cool app though I dont think this quite hits it as it does not have an option to speak when the Smart Home Monitor Mode is changed. Only has triggers for the regular Home/Away/Night modes. I suppose I could have it activate when I push a certain button, with that button also being assigned to change the smart home monitor mode, though I guess I was thinking this might lead to possibility of a false notification. I was hoping the notification keyed to the SHM mode actually changing, not the button being pressed which is supposed to switch the SHM mode if that makes sense

I’ll look into implementing SHM mode changes into BigTalker. Hopefully it will work out.

That would be awesome!

If you would like to try it, I have this implemented in my latest development code.
As of this post the current BigTalker Development Version is 1.1.9a3.4.

You will find Smart Home Monitor notification settings under Automation > SmartApps > Big Talker-DEV > Configure Events > Smart Home Monitor

I recommend installing this as a new SmartApp and new instance so that it doesn’t break your existing Big Talker (non development instance). If no bugs are found by me or other testers, I’ll merge this into the official Big Talker branch and you shouldn’t need 2 instances (the official and the DEV) anymore.

FYI have been using the sound notification for the arming and disarming of the smart home monitor and no issues to report. Thanks for integrating it. Now when I arm/disarm the system via a button I can be sure it happened without having to look at my phone. Great!