SmartThings > Sonos > Echo > Arm Alarm

I’d love to hear some ideas on how to accomplish this. I’m sure CoRe is an option, but I’d really love some guidance.

My alarm (CPI) doesn’t interface with SmartThings, however it can be armed via Echo.

My idea is to use a presence sensor, or a combination of sensors, to arm my alarm. The problem is I can’t accomplish this with just Echo or just SmartThings.

Here’s what I’ve come up with: when the sensor event is triggered, SmartThings will have my Sonos announce, “Alexa, tell CPI to arm the alarm.”

So I’ve gotten this far and the Echo responds, but here’s where I hit a wall. The CPI skill requires a yes or no confirmation before the alarm will arm.

I need to figure out a way for the Sonos to wait X number of seconds after the first intent to allow for the Echo to respond, and then speak the confirmation.

I’d love to hear your ideas.

You could record a statement in your own voice saying to arm the alarm with a delay of x seconds and have that play instead of the TTS…Or in the tts put a lot of commas in to force a delay.


No IFTTT channel for CPI? How about a web interface? How about a mobile app? A simple MITM attack could open up ways to integrate this properly via internet requests rather than using what could be unreliable TTS-STT combo…

I’ve got it configured in Stringify so that when Nest switches to Away mode, meaning neither my wife nor I are home and our Protects don’t detect our presence, then Sonos announces “Alexa, tell CPI to arm the alarm.” Stringify then waits three seconds before Sonos announces, “Yes.”

We’ll see how it works next time we’re out of the house!