Internal server error 500 for 1 location

Sometings went wrong in my graph and have now 2 locations. One is set default and almost all my devices show offline. when I open the 2nd location I get teh internal server 500 error.
Strangely devices I add seem to appear in the corrupted location but not working.
How can I fix this ?

I would recommend contacting ST support. If you are in the US, calling may be the best method to get a quicker response.

You can locate Support info in the app by going to Menu in the lower right of the screen, settings ( cog in the upper right) and select Help from the list.

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It should be fixed now.

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When should I notice the change for the problem still remains

Can you try it again? I no longer see the issue on our side. If possible, provide the reference ID you receive with the 500 error if you get that again.

When I login for the forst time I get 1 location on screen called “Thuis” and when I switch to device and back to location tab i get 2 locations “Thuis” and “Mijn huis”

When I click on “Mijn huis” I get this:

I made the “Thuis” location because of the problem with “Mijn huis” and tried to resolve the problem bij making all new devices in “Thuis” and thought I could get rid of the problem but it persists.
Is there a possibility to resolve this ?

I am not sure why it keeps reverting after I fix it. What is the ultimate goal? Do you want mijn huis deleted?

I now see no internal server error anymore while opening the mijn huis location. I shall test if I can get it all work again and will give an update as soon as I can

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Hi Brad,
I finally managed to get my smarthome working again but it took quiet a while te make all devices and scenes again. What I found out in the mean time is that the Logitech Harmony intergration which I use demands only a My home or in my case a “Mijn huis” location. So after you solved the problem with that location I was able to install all apps and scenes again.
Now I have 2 location of which “Thuis” is not neaded but I’m afraid to damage everything again but the “Thuis” still is the OCF Default location and can not change the “Mijn huis” OCF location to true.
I don’t know if thats realy neccesary. I can leave it this way. But if you think its needed do you have a solution for it ?

Default location doesn’t carry the meaning it previously did. You should be fine deleting the Thuis location if it is not needed.

Ok thanks for your help !!! :grinning: :+1:

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