Error Message When I Tap on Location (5 Feb 2022)

Hello, since yesterday on the SmartApps platform, when I click on my location, an error message appears. All my devices are still listed, but I lost everything on my ST mobile app. How can I transfer my devices to a new location? Thank You for any idieas.

Error 500: Internal Server Error
URI /location/show/5f39bb71-ff10-4d10-9a6e-d0fd90dc3616
Reference Id 7bf4ecdf-ec4c-42f2-bf2a-4a8a4cdcb231
Date Sat Feb 05 12:36:10 UTC 2022

You should contact ST support and let them investigate.

for the app…

  1. click on the home icon in the upper right of screen, choose Manage locations and check that you only have one location there. if more than one, choose one of the others.
  2. sign out/sign in