Error: 500: Internal Server Error (Aug 2021)

I have two locations Home 2 is my main location (about 125 devices/virtual devices/activities), secondary location is SHOP (less than 25 devices/virtual devices/activities). Starting on the 3rd I began getting Error: 500: Internal Server Error whenever I try to connect to my Home 2 location… I can access Shop without problems. Home 2 does not show up in the Smarthings app on my android, but does show up in the IDE ( I just get the error when I try to access it in the IDE). I can see the devices in Home 2, just can’t interact with them. My ActionTiles at SHOP work fine, but the Home 2 ActionTiles are DOA. I contacted Support and started a work ticket (1237182) on the 4th but haven’t gotten any response.
Has anyone else had this problem? If so, was Support able to fix it?
I’m to the point where I’m ready to factory reset the Home 2 hub and start over.