Intermatic ha03c Factory Reset

Hi Everyone.

I have recently got POd and reset my ST Hub v1. Now I am stuck with a problem.

I have 2 perfectly good Intermatic HA03C Z-wave lamp modules and don’t know how to reset them to Factory Default so that I can repair them with my ST hub; and still want to use them. Can anyone share if they encountered this same issue and how to solve this? I really don’t want to toss them out.

as long as you still have your smartthings hub to can still run a z-wave exclude while you turn on/off the lamp modules. you should be able to add them back afterwards.

I completely reset my hub v1. The ST Support helped me factory reset all.

Yep, so did i for my own reasons… its why i know it will work :wink: This is how you do it and it will work for any zwave device.