Help with upgrade to ST 2.0 hub Zwave devices are not discoverable


I have been using Smart things for a few years. In July my cabin was hit by lightning and it fried my ST hub version 1. I purchased a new hub andcalled customer service and they directed me to delete the old hub. With the new hub ready to go, I have been unable to get both Zwave outlets/switches by GE, Zwave door locks by Schlage, Zwave hot water heater on off switch 220v Intermatic, and Zwave thermostat by Honeywell to work. Anyone have any ideas about what I am missing.

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Try a z-wave exclusion on the devices first, then try to pair with the hub.

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Also there’s some kind of outage hitting some users right now. Might want to give it some time. Maybe an hour or two


The problem is when customer service had me delete the hub they also told me to delete the devices as well. So I don’t think I can do that now because it is gone.

Yes you can. You will have to factory reset all Zigbee devices.

ZWave devices can be excluded from any hub.

And unfortunately you’ll have to do both.


When the Zwave alliance was creating the specification, they were aware that there might be times where the hub could be damaged, or when someone bought a device used and had no access to the hub for the original network.

So they created a command called “Zwave general exclusion.“ this allows any certified Z wave controller to issue a command to any Z wave device that can hear it, whether they have ever been on the same network or not. Then when a human puts a nearby device into “exclusion mode“ (which usually involves a specific physical tap pattern), that device will hear the broadcast command and clear the old network information from its firmware.

At that point, it is a blank slate again and can be added to any new network through the usual method.

So what @jkp is suggesting is that you use your new hub to issue the general exclusion. But you will have to look up the individual instructions for each of your Z wave devices to find out how to have them accept that command.


JD and Nathancu,

Thank you for your advice and help. I will do some research into my older z wave devices to figure out how to get them to receive the general exclusion.


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