Remotec ZFM-80 Fixture Switch Module

Hey guys - have a conundrum here and wanted to see if anyone could help.

  1. Had a Remotec ZFM-80 Fixture Switch Module connected to my hub and working. All was well.
  2. Long story - had to factory reset hub.
  3. DID NOT remember to exclude the switch from the network before factory resetting.
  4. Re-set up the hub, and power-cycled the switch.
  5. Hub now refuses to find the switch in inclusion mode. I’m afraid that the switch is still “stuck” to the old zwave network since I didn’t officially exclude it.

Need to get it added to hub again now that the hub has been factory reset. Help and thank you!

There is a general Z-Wave exclude in the hub utilities in the IDE. Start that up and run the exclude process on your switch. I have been there with a few other devices. It runs about 15 seconds.

There is also one in the app you can use in the settings on the main page and touching your hub.

@kahilzinger already gave you the answer, but just wanted to mention, that you can do a zwave general exclude at any time even if you don’t have the previous hub that the device belonged to. That’s really the purpose of that utility, so you can reset the device when the hub itself broke or is no longer available. :sunglasses:

Hi Kirk- thanks for this. That’s actually my problem. Factory resetting the old hub deleted the switch so I can’t access it to exclude it in either the IDE or the app.

You said “run the exclude process on your switch.” The switch doesn’t have one. The manual literally says to “consult your primary controller instructions” to either exclude the switch or factory reset it.


That’s not all it says. This is what it says. I’ve added the numbers for clarity.

Z-Wave Remote Control
Include or exclude the Fixture Switch Module from the existing Z- Wave home control network with your primary controller.

  • 1 Refer to your primary controller instructions to process the
    inclusion / exclusion setup procedure.
  • 2 When prompted by your primary controller, click once on the
    PROG button or external switch.
  • 3 The primary controller should indicate that the action was
    successful. If the controller indicates the action was
    unsuccessful, please repeat the procedure.
  • 4 Once the Fixture Switch Module is part of the network, the
    same basic procedure is used to add the Fixture Switch Module to groups or scenes. Refer to the primary controller’s instructions for details.

I know it’s a little confusing because they have put the include and exclude in the same set of instructions, but they do work a little differently.

First, Just understand the basic concept of a general exclude

A) Power on the device

B) issue the general exclude from your smartthings hub using the instructions at the link I gave in my previous post

C) physically manipulate the device based on the instructions in its manual so that it will accept the exclude command

So let’s see how these match up.

A) Begin by powering on the device.

B) now issue the general exclude from SmartThings as described. That’s the equivalent of step one in your RFM80 user manual

C) click once on either the PROG button on the RFM80 itself or hit the switch that you have wired to it. That’s step two in your RFM user manual

D) Your user manual now tells you there will be a step three where the controller will tell you that things worked, but that actually only applies when you are doing an include Or an exclude of a device which is already on your network, not a General exclude. (Sorry, I said it was confusing. :scream:)

But that should do it. If you have the RFM 80 wired to a switch, you’ll hit the switch. Otherwise you’ll hit the PROG button.

Step four doesn’t apply because again, that’s for an include, not an exclude.

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Jd- perfect, thanks man. I’ll set the General exclude on the hub and then hit the button on the switch and we should be golden. I’ll let you guys know!



Then after you do the exclude, you’ll be ready to do the include process. :sunglasses:

I had to reset all my Z-wave components this weekend and I can confirm it acknowledges a successful device exclusion.

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It can only knowledge a successful device exclusion for devices which were previously connected to it.

If you’re just doing a general device exclusion, it could tell you that the exclusion command was sent, but it can’t tell you that it was received, because it does not yet have a two way communication channel with that device until you complete an inclusion.

So if you were excluding devices that were on that same network, then, sure.

But if you are excluding devices that are not already on that network, then there’s no message back.

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That makes more sense and explains why I don’t remember getting a confirmation when I excluded the switches I bought used. Thanks as always!

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Hey guys - thanks so much for your help. This worked like a charm and I was able to get the switch re-added. Cheers!