Deleting device from previous controller

(Dave Bell) #1

As I am transitioning from a Homeseer-Z-Troller-based system to Smartthings, I realized that none of the Intermatic Z-wave devices can be added to Smartthings unless they are first deleted from my Z-Troller controller.
While i am fortunate that it is still functioning… it got me thinking… how would one add one of these devices to Smartthings if the previous associated primary controller was unavailable or stopped functioning?
It seems like there should be a way to reset a device without needing access to the old controller.
Do all of the Z-wave modules (like GE lamp module) have this limitation?

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(Todd Wackford) #2

I bought a GE hand held controller, model 45600, to test zwave devices with. It allows you to send unpair command to orphaned devices. They’re like $14 on Amazon.

(Dave Bell) #3

Great idea TWACK! Do you know if this is something that could be accomplished with an Intermatic HA07 or HA09 as I’ve got a couple of those secondary controllers laying around.
I guess the bigger question is whether a Delete command from any controller (even if not currently associated with the module) would do the trick.

(Todd Wackford) #4

It does. I got a device from someone that was paired to their hub. I hit with the 45600 unpair command and Wa-La. Ready to pair to my hub.

It’s a good fairly cheap little tool. And you can use it as a secondary controller too. Win-win

(Duncan) #5

Note that you can also do it with the SmartThings hub (though it needs to be in direct range of the device). Just start Z-Wave exclusion mode from the Z-Wave utilities, available on the developer tools web UI from the hub details > Utilities > Z-Wave Exclude or in the app in Location settings > Hub > Z-Wave Utilities > General Device Exclusion (yeah pretty buried but has a better UI than the web one).

It is a weird aspect of the Z-Wave protocol. Since they can’t be guaranteed that you will still have access to your previous controller, any controller at all can exclude a device. So if someone is standing outside your house with a Z-Wave remote in exclude mode and you press the program button on a device, it will be deleted from your network.

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(Dave Bell) #6

This is very cool. I’m a Smartthings noob (not a computer noob)… so… exactly where is the developer tools web UI?

(Duncan) #7