Z-Wave Device integration from Pulse

I’m transitioning from ADT Pulse to ST and just got my ST Hub today. I’m trying to move my Zwave switches from the Pulse to ST. Via the Pulse portal I removed the devices but when trying to add to ST they are not recognized. Anyone else tried this? Any suggestions to remedy?

Did you exclude them from the portal or simply remove them? I don’t know Pulse, but all the other controllers I used had a way to delete the item from the system, but the item will still retain in it’s memory that it “belongs” to the old system. The purpose of this is if the device dies, you have a way to delete it. To correctly do what you want, you need to “exclude” it from the system, this will reset the device’s memory and allow it to be “included” into the new system. You should have instructions on how to do this. Typically, for a switch you would put the portal into “exclude” mode and then operate the switch.

You can actually do this from Smartthings if you want, do an exclude first (More>Settings Gear>Click where it says “Hub is online”>Z-Wave Utilities>General Device Exclusion). It’ll say something like “generic device excluded” and then you’ll be able to add it to SmartThings.

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Thank you so much, your directions to excluded then include in ST worked great. Was able to use the same procedure for a door lock as well. Thanks again.

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If you encounter this problem in the future, you can also try a factory reset. The reset procedure varies by device and manufacturer, but it is something to consider when all else fails.