Intermatic CA5100 Switches No Longer Working After Recent Migration

I have about 6 of these no-load switches, which after migration have stopped changing state (on/off). The driver is “Z-Wave Switch” by SmartThings and appear to be connected. I have some other Intermatic lamp dimmer outlets of the same genre (HA03) that are using the same driver and work as expected.

@AlejandroPadilla, These are all in the “Other” room, and their names all start with “Zwitch”. Any help you could provide would be MUCH appreciated.

Let me check it :saluting_face:

@scottinpollock I was checking your devices and the manufacturer code and device model have NULL values, after talking to the team it may be related to these devices were added a long time ago. these values are very important, it is how SmartThings pairs the device with the corresponding driver. so can you re-add one of these devices to see if the value is updated?