Intermatic CA5100 Switches No Longer Working After Recent Migration

I have about 6 of these no-load switches, which after migration have stopped changing state (on/off). The driver is “Z-Wave Switch” by SmartThings and appear to be connected. I have some other Intermatic lamp dimmer outlets of the same genre (HA03) that are using the same driver and work as expected.

@AlejandroPadilla, These are all in the “Other” room, and their names all start with “Zwitch”. Any help you could provide would be MUCH appreciated.

Let me check it :saluting_face:

@scottinpollock I was checking your devices and the manufacturer code and device model have NULL values, after talking to the team it may be related to these devices were added a long time ago. these values are very important, it is how SmartThings pairs the device with the corresponding driver. so can you re-add one of these devices to see if the value is updated?

Hi did the OP ever find a solution for this. I also have a few ca5100s and I’ve removed and readded them but they don’t work. They show as a zwave device with the zwave switch driver and they show connected. But the switch itself still flashes it’s light as if it’s not connected. the button press commands are not registered with smart things

Try excluding them, then re-add them close to your hub.