Z-Wave Relay to Alarm Integration

Hi All,

Looking for some guidance. I have a Leviton\HAI OmniPro and I’m trying to figure out a simple way of getting it talking with ST. My thought is to use some type of Z-Wave (or ZigBee) relay that I can wire into an Output and Zone (effectively an input). On my alarm I can then use some simple automation that sets the state of an Output based on some event, and responds to changes to a Zone that ST made by changing the status of the Z-Wave device.

Here’s an example:

  • ST detects Presence Sensor
  • ST sets the Mode to Home
  • ST turns on a Z-Wave switch
  • My alarm sees the Switch turn on
  • My alarm then turns off the alarm

I’m struggling to find a device that can do this, any advice would be appreciated.



Hi Ben. Have you looked at FortrezZ’s MimoLite?


Thanks for the reply John.

I did come across this yes, but am I right in saying it’s only one input and one output? The concept definitely appears to work but I’m hoping to find a solution that gives me multiple inputs\outputs with a reasonable cost.

I was playing with using a Z-Wave Dimmer, because it has On\Off and 10 levels (technically 100 but ST only appears to see 10). In theory this gave me 10 flags that I could use to send messages from ST to my Alarm. But after a couple of hours of trying I can’t get it reliable, the Alarm has always been a little unreliable with Z-Wave. On the plus side, by switching the Primary Z-Wave controller to ST my Z-Wave reliability has greatly improved.

I’ve been looking at RaspberryPI, probably a more complex solution but if I stick to simple on\off states it shouldn’t be too hard to get right…


Hi Ben, yes it’s just 1, but it looks like they have a new product with 2. That would be handy for people with 2 garage doors that only want 1 device.

Yes indeed, as well as an Arduino. Here’s some more code that may be able to help you out if you try an Arduino solution


It’s for an 8 relay irrigation controller that I tweaked for someone that wanted the 8th relay to trigger his garage door. He never followed up with me to let me know how well it worked, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

Cool that’d work nicely. 8 flags would be ideal I think.

I’m guessing the code is more about inputs than outputs? I imagine modifying it wouldn’t be too hard.

Might take me a while to get going, but I will try and not forget to let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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I also have an Omni Pro and trying to get a ST hub and Z-wave network talking. My existing setup is all UPB but I want to move towards Z-wave but also have the ST hub since it integrates well with Alexa for voice control. Did you ever get the serial adapter included into the ST network using the Leviton USB stick and installer software? If so, I’d really like to understand how you made it work. Not making much progress getting the serial adapter z-wave network to see the ST network using the installer software…

Any help (from anyone actually) would be appreciated.

Sorry for some reason I never saw the notification for your message!

What I ended up doing is getting a RaspberryPI. Then I wrote a fairly basic app that relays commands it receives from the Serial as a JSON command into SmartThings. I then wrote Device Handlers for various types of Zones and hooked it all up.

It took me quite a long time to get it all working, but it’s now really very stable.

If you are interested I could share the code with you, I don’t know how generic it is, but it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt.

Ben, if you would share the code, that be great. Was thinking of something
similar but just kept hoping I’d find something off the shelf. Looks like
it’s time to do what you did.

Best Regards,

Sure no problem.

I just need to figure out how to push things to Github…

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Hi Ben, did you ever share the code? I am dying to find a route to integrate my Omni pro and ST and found this post. Thanks in advance

I know I’m late to the game but there’a a much easier way to accomplish this. excaliburpartners has written some code to bridge between SmartThings and OmniPro. You’ll need their HAILogger and SmartThings / OmniPro SmartApp and Device Handler.

You’ll also need the Leviton / HAI PC Access software so you can write automation code for the OmniPro. I have the Dealer PC Access but I think the PC Access for End Users also can do the same Automation code. Please verify before you purchase.

I’ve been using the SmartThings OmniPro software for a long time now and it just works and anything triggered in OmniPro almost instantly reflects in the SmartThings App.

I have most of my automation going from OmniPro to SmartThings but it’s possible to go the other was as well. For instance, you can create a user button in OmniPro called “Presence Detected” and have SmartThings virtually press this button when presence is detected. The button press will be sent to OmniPro and you can write an automation block to capture the user button trigger and disarm the system.

I’d recommend using WebCore or a custom SmartApp for the automation as SmartThings routines will require some code modification as described below

Since the device handler for the OmniPro user button uses a momentary switch capability only, you’d have to add a different capability such as switch and associated code so it’ll be exposed to the routine and handled appropriately.