ADT DSC 2 way pannel integration with ST?

My goal is to self monitor (texts/email) my existing alarm and to integrate my 2 way wireless alarm panel and existing wireless sensors to ST.

If you can help me or have knowledge in this the full description is below…

I have recently canceled my alarm monitoring through ADT! The hardware is all mine and I have a DSC panel, model SCW9057G. Here is a link to the panel I own.

Warning, I am not too tech savvy but always learn pretty fast. I have searched ST community and everything that I have found for integrating ST to an old ADT panel is for the older systems where everything is hard wired (sensors and panel).

The specs on my panel says it has built in z-wave and I was refered here by ST chat to ask about a DTH?

Has anyone done this with an ADT panel with the 2 way wireless? If so please help! Thanks for reading and help!

Nothing huh?:cry:

I have the exact same question. Ever figure anything out?

Nope, the only tthing I can think of is swapping out the panel for a different wireless panel and hope that I can use the sensors

1 year bump, anyone?

I have 3 new zwave monoprice door sensors connected to smart things. I will buy more in the future. So now I’m down to figuring out if this dsc panel will integrate with my smart things hub. Since my sensors are connected to the hub

Anyone got any info on the dsc panel to ST?

I’m exactly in the same boat, but my system has 20+ sensors attached to it. I almost bought an EVL-4 but saw the fine print about these systems not being compatible.

The only thing I can think of is hard wiring ethernet from the DSC panel to a router but I don’t know if this would even work and I’m not sure if they would even communicate. I looked through the ADT DSC panel user manual and found out that they have a hard wire ethernet port that you can install in this to communicate over network. But I have not pulled the trigger on buying one because I don’t want to take the risk of it not working.

As of now I have sensors on every opening in the house except for a few windows and I can tell you with smart things, recently within the last 2 to 3 weeks, when I open up my doors to get text notifications it usually lags about 5-10 minutes behind when that actual door was open. I figured I would do a year test run on the system to see if there are quirks. This is 1 of 2 things I have found to be issues.

The other issue I have is one monoprice hidden in door sensor sometimes won’t give me a close notification if the door is shut with force.

That’s not going to help. Traditional alarm panels are designed to communicate with central monitoring stations using arcane protocols known as “SIA”. So you’d also need to set up a server to emulate a central station and parse events sent by the alarm panel and then translate them to whatever actions you want to trigger (i.e. sending an email). This would be quite a challenge and honestly I don’t think it’s going to pay for itself.

Well, took a year but at least I now have an answer!

Thanks for the input!