Integrating ST Virtual Switch with 2GIG GoControl Panel

I have a 2GIG panel installed in my house from a previous owner. I’d like to use the panel to trigger some actions on my SmartThings connected devices. For example, I have a motion detector connected to the 2GIG (wired). I’d like to setup a rule on the 2GIG to turn on a virtual switch on my ST hub when someone walks into the room.

I’ve connected the 2GIG to the ST as a secondary controller by following the instructions on this forum. The 2GIG still thinks it is the primary controller but is acting like a secondary.

The 2GIG recognizes all of the physical devices on my ST. But does not recognize the virtual devices on the ST.

Has anyone had any luck getting the 2GIG GoControl panel to recognize virtual ST devices? If so, can you share the steps that need to be followed to achieve this?

It won’t be able to recognize any virtual devices. Those are a software construct in the smart things cloud, and the two gig doesn’t even know the cloud exists. It’s just talking to the Z wave controller inside the local smart things hub.

So people do set up virtual switches on the SmartThings side to represent events with another controller, but you can’t do it the other way around.

Can you clarify for me a bit? You say that people setup virtual switches to represent event with another controller. That’s what I am trying to do. If the other controller (2GIG) has an event, I’d like to let ST know about it. What am I missing?

I’m assuming it’s not a Z wave sensor, right? So the wired sensor is invisible to SmartThings at the present time, correct?

When you make the two gig and smartthings controllers on the same Z wave network, the only devices they can share information about are Z wave devices. Actual physical Z wave devices.

For anything else, you have to set up some kind of bridge mechanism. There are multiple different ways to do that, and I’m going to leave that discussion to the other people who have done it. If you want to start looking around for yourself, check the project reports and the smart apps under “security” on the quick browse lists. One of the problems, though, is that a number of those are based on using the SmartThings “thingshield” which has recently been discontinued.

So your bridge device is going to recognize electronically that your sensor has triggered and then it’s going to notify smartthings who will treat it as though a virtual device sensor has reported.

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