Setting up 2gig panel as secondary controller

Trying to set up my 2gig control panel in ST to allow my zwave locks to be viewed controlled by ADC. Read a few threads on this but still cant get it to work. What i have so far.

ST hub V2
2gig panel with FW 1.14
(2) Kwikset 910 Zwave locks working in ST

First I tried adding the panel to ST as is. Went into 2gig zwave toolbox, learn controller (shows as primary), set ST to discover, Zwave panel shows up. Let it sit for a while and locks are showing up in 2gig panel and I can control them from the panel interface. They show up in ADC under devices, but I cannot control them from the site or app, and they dont show up as available to use in any automations.

2nd attempt I reset zwave at the panel and removed it from ST. Went to zwave toolbox and chose shift controller. Went to ST IDE, zwave utilites, leave/join zwave network. 2gig panel shows it shifts to secondary, however this wipes all my other zwave devices from ST. I go back and add them but they dont show in 2gig panel. Had panel check network, no change. Tried rediscover network, says it cant do that in panels current state. Tried realearn controller and it shifts the panel back to primary.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this working. Any help would be appreciated.