How to bridge 2GIG GoControl with ST

I have my ST as the primary controller in my house. I also have a 2GIG GoContorl panel. I’ve setup the 2GIG to be a secondary controller. What I would like to to is to use the 2GIG as a bridge to the ST. The 2GIG has a bunch of things hardwired into it (motion detector, window sensors, etc). What I want to do is to trigger an event on the ST when one of these devices changes state.

Is there a mechanism by which one can transmit an event to ST from 2GIG?

Unfortunately, not directly.

If you check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look under security you can see what some other people have done.

Some people have added bridge devices to detect the operation of sensors on other systems, but that gets pretty complicated. In particular, look for the alarm server topics on the security lists.