Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN

I am having some problems with my LZW30-SN switch…hope someone can help me

I also have various GE and Homeseer switches on the same network all of which work fine. I have the latest device handler installed for the inovelli switch

I have the switch controlling an exterior light. I rarely use the switch, it generally switches the light on/off according to a schedule I have programmed in SmartThings.

I can use the physical switch to turn the light on and off, I can also go into the SmartThings app and switch the light on/off as well.

The status of the switch does not update in SmartThings (to does not show on) when the light is turned on using the programme, physical switch or on demand through the app. there is nothing showing under recent activities in the IOS app

According to the ‘last activity’ in Smartthings …the last activity was Sunday, albeit I have been playing with the various on/off several times tonight

I thought I had diligently followed all of the installation instructions, but cannot think what the problem may be. can anyone help?

Try changing the device type to a standard one and see if it works better.

I changed the device type to the standard one …and the switch worked better.

By better I mean that the status updated in the IOS app with the same responsiveness as other switches, the energy consumption meter reported correctly and all of the recent activities showed correctly on the Recently tab in the IOS app.

I deleted the custom device type handlers and removed the switch and then reinstalled again… the problems returned.

It seems to me the issues are with the device handlers working correctly with Smartthings …is anyone else having these types of problems ?