Inovelli Dimmer and Smartthings V2

I have an inovelli dimmer that was paired and working fine with a smartthings v1 hub. After upgrading to a v2 hub I am unable to figure out how to pair the dimmer as its not listed in the new app and there is no generic search function. I was able to exclude the dimmer but have no way to re-pair it with the new hub.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You may want to switch to the ST classic app :slight_smile:


First things first: which version of the app are you using, “smartthings (Samsung connect)” or “SmartThings classic”?


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Hey @Chubbya,

Thanks for bringing this up – it’s been crazy trying to manage the old vs new app and which devices work, which devices do not. I was talking to one of the engineers about a month ago and they mentioned to just stick to the Classic app until the new one has been fully flushed out as a lot of 3rd party Z-Wave devices will not work until the app is officially ready to go (I know there’s mixed signals out there on whether or not to upgrade, which is frustrating to say the least).

As both @jkp and @JDRoberts mentioned (thanks guys) – please make sure you’re using the SmartThings Classic app.

If you are using the Classic App, please let me know and we can do some troubleshooting.

Have a great day!

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Thanks for the reply!

I moved to the Smartthing Connect app when I got the new hub. I already claimed the new hub in the new app and moved everything over… Everything except this one dimmer.

The classic app worked perfectly with the old hub and this dimmer. Its the V2 Smartthings hub and the new app thats the issue. There is no way to even try to pair the device as its not even listed.

I moved everything else over without issue… I guess will wait for an update as I don’t plan on going back to the classic app at this point.

Thanks for responding!

At the present time, the new “SmartThings (Samsung connect)” App doesn’t work with the same set of devices that the smartthings classic app does. And as of today’s writing, you cannot use any custom device type handlers with it at all. :disappointed_relieved: So there aren’t really any workarounds except to wait until they add more features to it, or to go back to using The Classics app for the devices that are not supported in the new app yet.

I don’t think you can use both apps with one hub, right? Are you suggesting using the older hub and app for that one device until connect gets updated? That sounds like a doable option.

You can use both apps with one hub, although your other alternative is also good.

@Automated_House or @WB70 can say more about the apps.

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Yes, you can have both apps open at the same time. They are accessing the same information in the IDE for your one Samsung account. In the NEW app, your Hub actually shows up as a Device in the Devices List. If you were to rename the name of a SmartApp in the Classic App, the next time you view Automations in the NEW app, that SmartApp will reflect the name change.

The above statement applies if you are logging into both the SmartThings Classic and SmartThings (Samsung Connect) applications with the same Samsung account.

If you are logging into SmartThings Classic with a SmartThings account and logging into SmartThings (Samsung Connect) with a Samsung Account (only way to get into new app), that’s an entirely different scenario. That means you haven’t yet migrated your ST account to a new/existing Samsung account which would reflect two different places in the IDE.


Wow… SmartThings (Samsung Connect) App for iOS: Only 1.8-Stars? That’s concerning, and a good reason to stick with, or choose to use, SmartThings Classic (3-Stars, yay!). :cry: :confounded:

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Quite a contrast from the Android side:

Those ratings are left over from Samsung Connect, so could have something to do with the low rating. Not that the current cluster is bringing them up…

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Figured it out. I had to login in the classic app with my Samsung ID not the Smartthings ID and now it sees all the devices I have on the new hub and app. I will attempt to re-add the Inovelli dimmer in the classic app when I get home tonight and report back,



Just a forewarning, you can add the Inovelli in the Classic app and it will work there. But the new app does t support custom/community device handlers.

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Thought I’d weigh in here…super frustrating because I did an exclusion on my Inovelli Smart Plug Dimmer (which worked), and now the classic app refuses to recognize the device. Samsung updated that classic app not too long ago, which seems to have really broken the ‘generic device’ search. Manual mode is useless because - just like the new app - Inovelli isn’t listed as a supported vendor, LOL.

If anyone is feeling brave, try and exclude the device and see if you can get it recognized again…