The all new Inovelli dimmers (no-neutral) review & integration with ST 2020

First of all let me start by saying that I like the product a lot. It’s very affordable, nice modern looking, and so far it works just fine. I didn’t buy the red series because I didn’t need scenes (that’s the only difference).
Despite the fact that I liked it, I went through a lot of issues for pairing the device for the first time with my ST hub v3. I first tried to use the new app, which I like more, but no luck…
The Inovelly documentation that came with the dimmer, also the web information is confusing. I will tell you why.
BTW there is no mention in the manual or on the web to use the classic app, and NOT the new app
The manual provides a QR code to scan within the box, they provide also another QR code to scan specifically for the ST hub. When I tried to scan the first one, the pairing didn’t work. Then I tried to scan the one specifically made for ST, but it said “QRCode is invalid”
Theoretically this should have been the procedure, put the dimmer in pairing mode, scan the QR code, and discover the new device using the new app. Well this did not work in the new app.
Someone from this forum recommend to use the classic app, although it’s being phased out. I tried that and it worked. I was hoping one day to get rid of the classic app, but it will never be possible if I continue to use it to add devices with it.
Due to the fact that Samsung wants to get rid of the classic app, I don’t understand why companies like Inovelli don’t try to certify their new products with Samsung, so that we can use the new app like GE, etc
Another reason I say that the manual is confusing, is because they keep telling you to make sure your device is within range, and they even ask you test it by holding the config button for 5s. But they’re not telling you that the range can be checked only after pairing with the hub. My hub was just 2 feet away from the dimmer, and because it was not paired, displayed a red light as if it was out of range. I was pulling my hair
Third thing that is not obvious in their manual is the fact that in order to put the dimmer in pairing mode you have to push 3x the config button. They say that dimmer is in auto-include mode, and it should be included automatically, but if you missed that opportunity they don’t tell you to put the dimmer back to pairing mode.
So as a conclusion I highly recommend this nice dimmer which doesn’t require a neutral wire, it’s much less expensive than the lutron caseta, and if you manage to pair it for the first time, it’s working great. Also it has so many configurable features

I have the red and the smart hub 3 as well. When I bought this Inovelli dimmer, I want to their web site and read the pairing instruction. It took 5 minutes. it does say that Samsung certification is due any time now. Once the dimmer is certified by Samsung, pairing will work with the new app. In the meantime they gave, what I thought were clear instructions, to pair the switch using the classic app. I followed the instruction on their web site and it worked flawlessly on the first try.
I believe it is not Inovelli fault if Samsung is taking their sweet time.

Thanks for the in-depth review!

The red series also has the ability to use the RBG indicator lights for notifications, which is the entire reason I’m considering getting some to replace my GE/Jasco switches. The red series also support energy monitoring if you have/connect a neutral.

I’m fairly certain that Inovelli is doing their part to get their products certified with SmartThings, as I’m sure @Eric_Inovelli can attest to.

The fact that many products don’t have full functionality with the new app has nothing to do with device manufacturers and everything to do with SmartThings. Developing device handlers and smartapps that work as desired in the new app will continue to be extremely difficult until SmartThings releases the full documentation for the new API. Even after that happens, there’s no guarantee that the new app will support some of the more complex functionality people have grown accustomed to having with the old app.

First of all I didn’t have a neutral for that particular dimmer. If I had a neutral I would have had more choices.
why would one need energy monitoring?
And excuse my ignorance,what exactly is the RGB indicator lights for notifications?

I realize that, just pointing out that there are more differences between the models than just scene control capability.

The red series allows you to use the strip of LED indicator lights on the switch for notification purposes. For example you could set up a rule/automation that causes the indicator lights to flash red if the garage door gets left open, or show solid green if the security system is armed, or flash cyan if there’s rain in the forecast for the day, etc.