Inkbird itc-308 wifi integration?

Has anybody successfully integrated an Inkbird ITC-308 wifi? I want to be able to read the current temperature from it in smartthings.

I haven’t seen any direct integration, you should tell the manufacturer that you would like to see that as integrations are now the responsibility of the device manufacturers.

There was one community member who posted a project report about how that device was utilized, but it required duplicating some of the functionality and not reading the temperature off the inkbird. So I don’t know if that’s of any interest but here it is. (The project title is a clickable link.)

One other possibility… Is that the model you can set up with the Smart Life app?

If so, you might be able to get a partial integration through scenes that you create in the smart life app. It doesn’t give you monitoring, but it would let you change some of the set points if that was of any value.

FAQ: Smart Life integration doesn’t show All Devices

The link above from jd was written by myself.

  1. I’d imagine you’d have absolutely zero chance of getting the developers to add smartthings support. Not a chance.

  2. it’s easy enough to hook up a few ds18b20 sensors to a nodemcu flashed with konnected. But as far as I’m aware this is only supported in the old app (which samsung has now killed). Alternatively, buy yourself a hubitat hub, buy a nodemcu and sensors for about a fiver, and enjoy a beautiful home automation experience.

When I wrote the post linked to above, I was a huge smartthings fan. Since then I became so utterly disgusted with the entire system and its horrific flaws that I had no choice other than to (physically) bin it.

Just FYI =p