Tuya temp sensore with smartthings

I want to see the temperature on the sensor inside smarthings chrome dashboard

If this is a wifi device Open the device in the Tuya or Smart Life apps. Click on edit (pencil or 3 dots) in upper right corner. They will be a list of 3 party integrations.

If Smartthings is listed go to the Smarttings app, add device, by brand and chose Tuya.
If Smartthings is NOT listed you are probably out of luck.

There are work arounds for switches, bulbs, plugs, etc, but they do not work for sensors. With these work arounds Smarttings can send on/off command to Tuya, but Tuya does not send data to Smarttings.

If it is a Zigbee device you will need to find a Device Handler or Edge Driver to pair it in Smarttings.