FAQ: Smart Life integration doesn’t show All Devices

Hey everyone,
I bought a WiFi bulb from Aldi (branded ‘Status smart’)a nd paired it to the Smart Life app - their app was identical except it had no smartthings integration.

I linked it to ST and it connected successfully but no devices show up in smartthings.

The bulb works flawlessly in smart life, however I want it to worn with the rest if my ST devices.

Any ideas?

Also I should mention that the bulb itself does not say that it works with ST, but with Google/Alexa

Only some models are available through the integration.

There is a place in the Smart Life app which will show you which integrations are available for each device. If it doesn’t list smartthings, it’s not part of the integration yet, and you should put in a request to the device manufacturer.

Meanwhile, try creating a scene in the Smart Life app and sometimes those will be included in the integration even if the device itself is not. That can at least give you on/off control in some cases.

The following post describes how one community member set up the scenes for this (The topic title is a clickable link)

You can find further discussion of this integration, including specific brands and how they work, in the following thread:

Smart Life integration (July 2020)