Temperature and Humidity Sensor

I’m looking for a Temperature and Humidity Sensor that has an LCD display, so that anyone can check the temperature, even without a mobile device.

I found these:

BlitzWolf BW-IS4 -

HUAWEI iHORN Zig.Bee Smart Home LCD Screen Temperature Humidity Sensor -

Does anyone one know if we can integrate any on SmartThings?

I bought a used Iris motion sensor on eBay for $12. It does temp and humidity.

No idea if they’ll work with ST, but they look identical to the Xiaomi Bluetooth version.

I don’t know of any devices that fit your description, but one possible workaround would be a cheap tablet with one of the many ST dashboards on it. This would give you display and control of whichever devices you want, including any number of temperature and humidity sensors. If you have an old smart phone that might also work.

It doesn’t have an LCD display on it.

Yes, I know what you are saying…

How about this one?

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I was able to get the Blitzwolf BW-IS4 working with ST using the Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor DTH - add the temp sensor to SmartThings and then change the device to use this DTH in the IDE.
So far seeing temp and humidity but no battery report yet but it’s only been connected a few minutes.

Yes, I’m on a Facebook Group and in there a user reported that!
Thanks for the info! And sorry for not updating here what I read on Facebook :frowning:

I probably read it there too but couldn’t find the source and then when I searched I found this old thread so thought I’d post in case it helps someone else.

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I am also interested in the BlitzWolf sensor… have you managed to see the battery as well?
Is it generally working ok?

Just to update that I got the Blitzwolf BW-IS4 to work perfectly in both classic and new apps by changing the DTH to “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” - it’s already in the API, no need to import custom DTH, and it reports on temprature, humidity and battery.
Happy happy :wink:


I can honestly say that I haven’t been excited about a device in a long time but this sensor looks like a must have for me!!!

  1. Does it allow for Fahrenheit?
  2. How fast does the humidity and temp update?
  3. How accurate are they?
  4. How long does the batteries last?

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yup, Celcius only as far as I can see. Also in Smartthings there’s no option to convert, sorry.
It updates every min or so, I guess?
Seems accurate enough, only had 1 day and no good way to measure otherwise, but it seems in line with other temperature sensors I have.
It takes 2 AAA batteries - you can always recharge.

Just a note, using “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” gives me temperature rounded to integer (temperature on display is 24.4 gives 24.0 on smartthings), while using “eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor” gives the correct value with decimals

So you are saying that using BlitzWolf BW-IS4 on Smartthings will only show a rounded integer temp?
For now, I use the Xiaomi sensor, and the Device Handler let’s me choose if I want to round or not…

In my case I have to use “eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor” DH to get temperature with one decimal. I can’t see options to choose rounded or not

do you experience random disconnecting/reconnecting to the hub issues with BW-IS4?

I get this issue but if you press the button on the top of the sensor it syncs instantly again.

The problem is it happens ( disconnecting) 2-3 times a day, which makes it useless to use it as thermostat sensor. And yes, when I press the button it connects…even it connects by it self sometimes. BTW mine is not Blitzwolf, but unbranded like this one: