Industrial Garage Door with no tilt

Looking for solutions to setup the tilt sensor to work with an industrial garage door. The top of the door rolls up into itself so there is no way to attach the tilt sensor. I have thought about adding a door sensor to the side that will open/close the connection when the door opens and closes but I was hoping to get the garage door to report that instead of relying on another sensor not integrated into the gocontrol/linear garage door z-wave device. Any ideas?

Garage door Pic below:

This might work for you.

That’s a useful feature of the multipurpose sensor, but it requires the sensor to be installed on the garage door. Not gonna work for the OP, as he clearly stated the door rolls up into itself, so the sensor would be crushed or maybe just fall off.

@3grh thx for the info. That was the sensor I was thinking of using but I did not know it could be made as the garage door sensor. I figured it would show up as a door or windows sensor. Ill check it out.

@marktheknife thx for your comment. It got me thinking. I found out there is a feature in the garage door to setup a stopping point which I can set. Now the door will never roll all the way up. The top of the garage door is high enough so it will not be an issue getting Trucks/Equipment through even when it is not rolled up all the way.

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