Very confused about garage door functionality with smartthings v2 hub

I have a v2 hub that I haven’t connected yet so i am trying to figure out what the functionality of mygarage door will be. We have a linear z-wave device that we can currently open or close the door with the app. I am not looking for the ability for it to open /close with presence sensors. I just want to be able to monitor its position from wherever I happen to be and close it if I accidentally left it open.

An Ecolink (I think that’s the right name) dedicated Tilt Sensor (<$30, Amazon) should continue to function as an “opened/closed” sensor, though the Device Type may claim Garage Door type instead of Contact Sensor.

The SmartThings SmartSense Multi is more complicated, because it has a 3-Axis acceleration Attribute and that needs a special Device Handler and/or SmartApp to define what is “open” based on gravity.

I don’t have Hub V2… Does anyone have Ecolink Tilt working fine with Hub V2? Mine is perfect in Hub & App V1.

I just set mine up today, it works perfectly.

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What type of garage door do you have?

Is it a tilt up door, a roller door, a horizontally sliding or folding door, etc.?

The solution depends upon the type of door - unfortunately a lot of the commentary about garage doors on this forum seems to assume a tilt up door, which I therefore assume is the predominant form of garage door in the USA (seemingly to the point of exclusivity).

It seems this topic is worthy of an illustrated FAQ… :wink:

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Good point. Yes… Most automated US garage doors are either singlet plank tilt up, or around 6 segments, that tilt when “rolled” up.

All the other types you mention certainly exist, and most of these are candidates for a simple door/window contact sensor(s), though placement can be difficult. Diagrams!

It’s too bad Z-Wave or ZigBee light beam break sensors aren’t a common item…?

We have a roll up sectional garage door. The only sensor on the door is the part that came with the linear control.

This is what we have

The Ecolink Tilt should work fine when affixed to the topmost section. I even “tuned” the simple mechanism by bending it slightly, to ensure I am notified if the door is even open a couple of inches.

I really don’t want to purchase anything else. I would like to know if anyone has had success with the linear z-wave garage door opener and the v2 hub. If I have to replace things again, I think i will hold off installing the new hub.

I have one - it works fine with V2 hub. You can open/close/see state of device with the app


Looking for help on this topic as I am newbie, I have a linear garage operator and it has one push button terminal on the back of it. I purchased linear z wave garage door opener, it has two wires and states to wire it to each push button terminal, obviously i do not have to buttons, does this mean it wont work? If it will not work, does anyone have any suggestions? I wont to be able to open my garage door via app… Thanks y’all

Your best bet is to check with Linear’s technical support on the wiring question. Once you get the zwave controller installed, it’s a standard Z wave device and SmartThings works quite well with it, many community members have one version or another of it. :sunglasses:

Thank you. Appreciate your help.