MultiPurpose Sensor on Garage Door

I have read this:

However, they show it mounted at the bottom of the garage door. Meaning, It will say closed until it is completely open. Do people mount this up high ever? So you can tell if it’s even open a few inches once the sensor is horizontal?

Also, I am wondering if there is a better product out there for garage doors perhaps, which can also connect to my ST Zigbee Multipurpose Sensor on my back door ~ 30’ away? For $40, I feel like maybe I can buy a full garage door solution which can even control the garage door through ST…thoughts?

I should clarify that my backdoor is a zigbee sensor and is less than 30’ away from the garage door. However, if I need to use another technology like Z-Wave - the nearest device is probably 40’ away in a GE light switch. Wifi currently doesn’t reach out there, but I could possibly extend it.

Mine is at the top of the door. It goes up about 12" before it triggers… granted a person can probably slide under it before it will announce its open but I’m not using it for security. I just want to know when it gets left open.

I use these:

They’re mounted high enough up on the garage door so that they tilt almost as soon as the door starts going up. You can actually bend the sensor if you take the cover off to make finer adjustments in its sensitivity.