Include of Devolo 9356 failed

Hello, i tried to connect a Devolo 9356. It failed with two different Devices. I tried to repair the Z-Wave Network but the HUB does not find the Devolo Device. Is there anything i can do?

Smartthings Hub V2 UK Model

@AdamV How did you connect the Danfoss LC-13? Did it connect directly? I think it is the same Device.

It certainly looks the same - did you follow the correct procedure to include the thermostat? (inclusion mode)

Yes, i did. Same way which i took to integrate it into the Devolo Home Control. Then i made an exclude with ST and tried to connect it to ST. Devolo was flashing but ST was not able to recognize any device.

Is it possible that ST and the Devolo 9356 is incompatible despite Z-Wave?

Its possible - I can’t see why it would be but it sounds from your account like it is.

Try the LC-13 - The device type I made for it works (badly at the moment but at least it can control it). Hopefully someone else gets around to sorting it out before me! If not - I’ll release a finished update to it in about 3 weeks or so when I install it in my house

I made a factory reset. Now both devices are running. Is on the picture everything the same with your device LC13?

It doesn’t look like you have installed my device type to this device - my device type is slightly nicer than this standard one - however - I have to warn that it was a rushed and unfinished job i did on it just to make something slightly nicer and is unfinished

I just installed an LC13 valve… Did you get around to fixing the handler?

I am available to guinea pig-ing… Lol!

My home renovations are unsurprisingly taking far longer than expected - and this is one of the components that doesn’t have to be installed in the walls or anything so unfortunately its one I wont be touching until the very end. Realistically I won’t get around to doing it properly for about a month.

Just bought a new Devolo 9356 TRV (€30).

In IDE it identified as:
manufacturer: Danfoss
networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE
productId: 373
productTypeId: 5

What DTH to choose?

Now it automatically became a Z-Wave Thermostat.

Grtn Ben