[ST Edge] Danfoss LC13 Thermostat


After update of my Smartthings V3 hub to latest SW (45.00011), I wanted to try to connect some of my devices to edge drivers.
I have installed the edge driver for Danfoss LC13 thermostat, and according to the fingerprint.yml, the thermostat should be supported:

First I did delete the device in Smatthings IDE, and then I factory reset the device.
After that I try to ‘search for devices nearby’, and set the device in connecting mode.
The hub do not finde the device/thermostat, it finde nothing.

I also tried to remove power from the hub for 30 min, and then turn it on again, and try to connect the device again, without any luck…

I still have 7 other Danfoss LC13 connected to the hub, all on the normal device handler.
It seems not to be a problem that some of the same devices are connected with DH, if you try to connect new device of same type, it just connect with edge driver.
I tried that with Samsung button, I have 4 buttons on DH, and now 1 button on edge driver.

I also tried with different Danfoss LC13, with different SW, some ver 1.01 and some ver 2.56, the hub will not recognize any, not on DH and not on ED.

Any suggestions, what to do?

Are these Z-wave devices?

If yes, did you EXCLUDE them? From what I understand devices keep the device id of their controller. At least in some cases even after being factory reset.

  1. Find out what you need to do on the device to EXCLUDE
  2. Locate the tile for your hub in the SmartThings app and tap it.
  3. Tap the three dots in the upper left
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Z-wave Utilities
  6. Tap Z-wave Exclusion
  7. Do what your device requires to be excluded

Once excluded you should be about to re-pair it with the hub.

You mention that you have several of these. If you’re using a custom DTH, I think that’s going to be selected in preference to any Edge driver when you add the device.

Yes, this is Zwave devices.

I deleted the device in the IDE.
I then factory reset the device.

Even if the hub should remember the device, even if it is completely deleted, that is not the problem.

I have 5 pcs. of spare thermostats, because these are not produced anymore. Today Danfoss make zigbee thermostats.
These 5 has never been connected to my hub, and I tried all 5 pcs, and the one I factory reset.

@JDRoberts need your expertise here regarding the need to run z-wave exclusion.

Sorry, I’m exhausted today, someone else will have to give the details. But, yes, my next step as a field tech would be to do a Z wave exclusion. Factory reset on a Z wave device doesn’t always clear the network information. :thinking:

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5 of the 6 devices (LC13) I tried with, has never been included in my Zwave network, so here the hub has never seen them, and the devices themselves where all factory reset.
So reason cannot be that they still exist on the Zwave network.

It would take you about 5 minutes to humor us and try doing an exclude.

I’m not seeing anyone with other suggestions.

Are you using any custom device handlers for these devices? If yes, you would need to comment out the fingerprint in them before it will find the edge driver ( at this time).

No, it is the SmartThings stock device handler that is used for all my thermostats.
But I have a couple of custom device handlers installed in the IDE, as I tried them out if they run better.
Do you think the custom device handlers, that is not selected/used can be the problem?

Can I delete the custom device handlers now, after October 15th?

If the custom DTHs match, they can be selected in preference to an Edge driver.

You can delete DTHs still, just can’t add or edit.