Integrating Danfoss z-wave Room Sensor (DRS21, V07) into Samsung Smartthing Hub?

My Danfoss LC-13 radiator thermostats works well with Smartthings.

I have aslo Danfoss Room Sensor (DRS21, V07), which is a z-wave device, but unfortunately it is not listed as a SmartThings device and I am unable to insert it into SmartThings Hub.

Regarding the wished functionality the following functions shoul be supported:

  1. As a minimum requirement my Danfoss z-wave room sensor DRS21, V07 should be able to be inserted to see the room temperature remotely.
  2. As the more advanced functionality would be to set the Danfoss LC-13 through through the Danfoss room sensor DRS21, V07.
    As far as I understand this function is supported with Fibaro HC2 controller as seen:


Have you tried Scan Nearby instead of trying by the manufacturer name? It may join as a Thing, and if it does, you may be able to use one of the existing DTH’s via the IDE.

Yes, I have tried it. In fact, the temperature sensor can be inserted (after several hits and misses) as the listed Generic z-wave device. However, as a result only the sensor battery status in % is shown i.e. no temperature value transmission. Is there European Smartthings support? I have contacted Smartthings support, but it was the American support and they are naturally not dealing with the European devices development issues.

It probably depends on which country, but my guess is that it will be difficult to get support since this isn’t on any of their supported devices list.

Have you gone into the IDE and tried other DTH’s? Perhaps one of these may work, otherwise a custom DTH could be written. My guess is that it will but you will need a dth written for it.

Good candidates to try:


Ok, thanks for your advise!

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