In-Wall Zigbee Repeater Outlets in 2020?

I am looking for Samsung SmartThings-compatible in-wall Zigbee repeater outlet in the US market that can reliably repeat signals. (I have a v2 hub, but am looking for easy integration with both v2 and v3. Nothing complicated or buggy; it should just work.) There was a thread from a few years ago, but no discussion since then. Energy monitoring and remote control are optional features; the critical feature is the ability to repeat SmartThings’ Zigbee signal.

The only product I have found in the US market is the Smartenit ZBMSKT1 (4035A), but I do not know how compatible it is. I also do not know if it is still manufactured as it only appears to be purchasable from Smartenit’s own website.

My intended application is outdoors, so it will be put in a weatherproof box.

SmartenIT are good quality devices mostly sold to professional installers. They should work with SmartThings just for on/off, but you never know for sure until you try.

If you can wait about a year I would expect to see more because of zigbee 3.0 and the demand from the Amazon Echo market. Jasco (who manufacture the GE zigbee devices) has been saying at trade shows that they have some in the pipeline, for example. I believe third reality may as well.


I can’t speak specifically to their outlet, but the SmartenIt microcontroller does not work. It will join, but it drops 100% of the time. I worked with both ST and their engineers, and I don’t recommend their stuff with ST until they update their devices (quite old).

Jasco just released this, so I’d check with them on availability:

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Yup, those are good, but so are the Innr plugs. They fit perfectly in an outside box. Used them to run Christmas lights this year.

I did this same search in December and came up blank as to availability. Bought a few Peanut plugs to hold over until I find something.


The new Enbrighten line from GE will have an in-wall zigbee outlet.

I think this will be the first zigbee in-wall outlet in wide distribution. I’ve never been able to find another one.


Wink used to make one called the Outlink, but that’s about 3 years ago and they were discontinued. Some community members still have them.

You can still find these occasionally, but Community reports on them were not good, and it appears they may not have been a zigbee repeater. So I don’t recommend them but they did exist.

What are “Peanut plugs”?

I recently ran into some strange behavior of these on my HE zigbee network though. I noticed that the one that I had kept jumping from one repeater to another every few seconds and would never settle on just one. I also noticed that not many of my devices were within 1 hop of the hub. So, I took this off my HE zigbee network and the network has definitely started responding faster. A couple of other folks have done the same. I know these are popular devices since they are cheap and are repeaters but I think they’re going to the bottom of my recommendation list.

Yup, that’s the same Jasco stuff I linked to above from the Zigbee alliance.

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This will be coming (soon we hope…)


So it’s one smart socket, one always on?

It appears that way…
Not available until April
(Unless it’s an April Fools …)

Also, GE Jasco Zigbee outlets expected by then as well.


I like what they have, so this outlet interests me quite a bit. Everything I have is GE, but the Sinopé device may need a second look. I am also eyeing their load controller to see if it can be used with a clothes dryer.

Now if they’d only come out with a zigbee home home energy monitor like Aeon’s HEM, I’d be all over that thing.

looks OK. Two models, one for up to 40 A, one for up to 50 A. 120 to 270 voltage. ETL safety certification. They have a SmartThings DTH on the website, but I don’t know of anyone who’s tried it.

They have an integration in the new app, but I don’t know if that works for the heavy duty units and I don’t know if it’s direct or cloud to cloud to their gateway.

There’s a DTH in ST’s github repo with all the right metadata stuff for the new app, but local isn’t set to true, but that’s ok for me. Looks like the new app is direct and not a cloud to cloud integration to their gateway. All pure Zigbee :wink:

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All right. Well, I guess we shall keep on monitoring market availability as 2020 continues.


Any updates on any in-wall Zigbee repeater outlets this year?

Hopefully soon since the old ones aren’t available on Jasco’s site. I’ve been monitoring that for a while and have seen them purge inventory.


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I tested the SmartEnit devices, and they won’t fit into a standard NA electrical box.

However, there is a product by RGBGenie that I was able to use RGB4003. It works well as an in wall zigbee 3.0 repeater.