In need of Diagram for Parallel Wiring RGB Light Strips

I’m about to parallel wire RGB LED Light Strips and I was wondering if anyone had or knew of a diagram for wiring this up? There are alot of 2 wire(red/black) diagrams for how to installing single color LED Light Strips but I can’t find any good RGB ones, with using 18 Gauge RGB LED Strip Extension Cable 18AWG 4pin 4 Color Stand Wire.
I’m going to be installing the FIbaro RGB controller. (I have read and looked over the manual and it really doesn’t show parallel wiring diagram as far as I can see.)

I’m going to be installing this around the crown molding in my living room.
This is a rough draft of the dimensions.

I believe that you can’t just run them in parallel… you need to use an “amplifier” to reinject power at certain points along the string…

I just use multiple lightify rbg lights or strips and the smart app can control more than one so in essence they work in parallel.

also a switch can control more than one so I have my Philips hue lights coordinated with rgb lightfy strips.

I’m running 65’.
I’ve already have my supplies, and have a so so idea of how to parallel.
Just wanting to know if someone had a diagram.

Easiest way is to buy the splitter. No messing around with the wires. You mentioned about having all the parts but 65’ is pretty long so hopefully you do have repeater/amplifier as well.

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