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Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System


Hi @LuckyLuciano,

Give the support number a call!

(Sergio Ferreira) #102

How many decades this will take?
This is taking forever…

(Chris) #103

Me either. I figure I’ll never get it at this point


So, I would imagine that anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or above which comes preloaded with the new SmartThings Connect app will probably have a Home location already in there Samsung account like I apparently already have which I really don’t care about. Since I ‘DO’ care about my SmartThings account, what happens when I update the account to my Samsung account which already had a default ‘Home’ location?

(Joern) #105


Yesterday I got the message to update/upgrade my login to a Samsung account.
I do have two older Samsung accounts. One I created for the washer integration (via Smart Home app) the other one which was created through my business Samsung phone. The washer is currently added to the “business” account, because I had issues to add the washer by using the Smart Home app on my personal phone.

Now I’m totally unsure, what I shall do to get a smooth transition from my old login to the new one.

  • Create a totally new Samsung account adding the washer later on (Do I still need the Samsung Smart Home app in the future to connect the washer to my WiFi)?
  • Shall re-connect the washer to my personal old Samsung account and going with this?
    Are there any other advantages in creating a totally fresh Samsung account?

I really don’t know, what’s the best way to go.

Any ideas or suggestions?


(Brad) #106

If you have a Home location from your Samsung account. If you merge your SmartThings account into that Samsung account, you will have at least two locations. If you contact support, they should be able to help you tidy things up.

(Brad) #107

Some appliances can by-pass the Samsung Smart Home app. If your washer’s model number is listed in the new SmartThings app, then you shouldn’t need to use the Smart Home app.

My main advice would be that if you use, or may use in the future, any Samsung features such as Samsung Pay, you should migrate your SmartThings account to that Samsung account. If you don’t, you will have to log out and back in when switching between things like Samsung Pay and the SmartThings app which isn’t friendly.

You certainly could create a totally new Samsung account but based on your scenario, I would likely migrate SmartThings to your personal Samsung account and then try to add the washer under your personal account. Alternatively, you could share between your personal and business accounts.

(Aaron) #108

I just migrated my account over and now I’m not getting notifications on my iPhone.

(Mr. Smith) #109

This is not working and should have never been launched or announced. The instructions and explanations are WRONG. READ THIS: Updating your SmartThings account DID NOT convert it to a Samsung account!! - It DELETED my Smartthings login and MERGED my Smartthings data INTO my phone’s Samasung account. This is absolutely offensive and embarrassing.

(Lee Florack) #110

I was converted to a new Samsung account yesterday. I did not have a Samsung account prior to this. Still using the classic app. As far as I can tell, everything is working well.

(Chris H) #111

Exact same circumstances for me… As far as I can tell, everything is also working just fine for me too on both the Classic app (iOS) and in the IDE, including WebCore activity.

(Joel W) #112

Still waiting to be converted, but no idea when.


Don’t rush to be converted. Your custom DH’s may not work as expected or at all.

(John C) #114

My conversion happened a couple months ago and went like yours did, Lee. Absolutely no issues, seamless, everything worked exactly as before.

Obviously, YMMV, according to reports. But remember: mostly people just complain when something goes wrong—so there must be many, many more successful conversions.

If a conversion fails, your first call should be to ST support…


Has anyone encountered a pervasive and unavoidable browser compatibility error when trying to migrate via the link in the Smarthings app? I’ve tried everything OTHER than installing “Samsung Internet” and making it my default browser. I absolutely refuse. I’ve tried multiple browsers on both my phone and laptop - same error no matter what.

“This website is optimized for the following browsers. At it may not work properly in other browsers, please change your default browser and try again.”

(Joern) #116

@harrij4: Yes I encountered the same when I started the migration yesterday. Usually I use Chrome beta and it seems Chrome beta isn’t compatible. Then I tried it with the stable Chrome version on my Android phone and it worked like a charme.

(Joern) #117

@Brad_ST: I migrated my account yesterday to my personal Samsung account. The migration worked very smoothly and currently it looks all fine (fingers crossed).

Thanks again for you help…

(Jimmy) #118

Yup, can’t use any SmartThings app on my fire tablet because of the browser problem. Can’t get the login page to open in chrome. Keeps using Silk embedded in their app.


You do realize you can change the browser for a few minutes, make the migration, then change back right? You won’t get that pop-up after you’ve migrated to your Samsung account.

(Joern) #120

@xdreamwalker: Just tried to re-enable the contact book by IDE. But w/o luck. How did you do this? Just got a contact overview w/o any contacts in it, but no way to add any contacts on the IDE? Did I anything wrong?
I did it the same way, I did before with the old login.