Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System

(Brad) #81

The rollout is still going:


(Brad) #82

But in seriousness, as announced, the migration continues to be released in small groups to ensure the best possible experience. We appreciate your patience throughout this process!


Can you do the firmware’s that way also?

(Brad) #84

Hub firmware updates are released in a staged rollout, just over a smaller timeline. Also, rolling out the firmware over a week or so has been discussed but is not currently how they are handled. There are certainly some benefits to that but also downsides, such as people wondering when their Hub will receive the update.

(G) #85

Today I was prompted to do this conversion to Samsung account and now I can’t no longer log in in to the ST IDE (I get error that my email or password is wrong)
What to do?

(jkp) #86

Are you logging in to

(G) #87

Thanks for reply, yes I’m

(jkp) #88

Were you prompted to choose between a Samsung account or a ST account when logging in?

(G) #89

No, it no longer gave me that option.
Got locked out after too many tries, did password reset and using the same password all working now

(Gonzalo Parra) #90

Just wanted to say I finally got the banner and went though the migration process and everything went smooth as butter! no phantom locations, no missing devices or SmartApps, all repos and dh links to repos are still there, everything seems to be responding and working fine…

Mind you, my setup is still not that fancy yet (no webcore, etc.) but still, quite pleased with the process.


What about custom dh’s? Do they work?

(Gonzalo Parra) #92

Yes, custom dh’s are working fine for me… Still using the classic app though, have not tried the new app as I understand that one still needs a lot of work but it’s slowly getting there, I’ll wait to see some good feedback on that one…


Should I be worries that I still haven’t gotten the popup for this?

(JIm) #94

I haven’t gotten mine yet either. Figure it will come sooner or later.

(chris) #95

It’s a shambles!
Maybe the chap they’ve got performing the migrations has been on holiday, or perhaps he’s been off sick.
It would have been kind if someone from Samsung could have given us all an update as to why it’s taking him so long though.

(Robin) #96

They are migrating a million users in tiny batches so they can handle any errors that come in without being overwhelmed.

Slow and steady wins the race.

(Lucky) #97

Uhh yea so everything is gone except thermostat. Almost 50 things just disappeared along with favorites. Don’t see any phantom location. Any ideas?

(jkp) #98

Do your devices still appear in IDE under My Devices? You are using the classic app? Have you tried logging out of the app and logging back in?

(Lucky) #99

No they are all gone from IDE.

Yes. I have never used the new app nor do I have any desire to after the reviews I keep reading.

Logging out and back in doesn’t seem to help. Bouncing device also no dice.

I do not remember changing to samsung account but when I put in SmartThings creds it goes right to Samsung account. Is there anywhere to check when that was transferred?

The device did loose connectivity a few nights ago similar to a firmware push and devices seemed to be gone the next day. I don’t see an update. Did they push something that forces the Samsung account update?

(jkp) #100

Contact ST support @