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Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System

(Chris) #261

Question, i finally got moved over to the new login and Android App. Many of my devices are “unavailable” now and i can’t figure out how to fix them? Do i need to remove and re-add them?

(jkp) #262

You should use the Classic app instead of the new Samsung Connect app.

(Chris) #263

If i use the classic app, everything is gone.

(jkp) #264

Go to locations and choose the other home location :slight_smile:

(Ron S) #265

My hair is turning grey and developing bald spots waiting for the the new app migration while missus already has the dreaded message. Meanwhile I have the v3 and tearing off the rest of my hair and burying my head in the sand. :frowning:

(Ron S) #266

While @jkp is downing a couple of cold ones. :frowning:


I’m in the same boat. I have a US account, and I’m currently located in Brazil.

Classic App shows SHM, and I currently have 9 water sensors and a siren to warn me of water leakage. I’m also able to add zigbee or z-wave devices using the “add” button in the Classic app.

My water sensors show up in the new app; but SMH is MIA; also, no option is presented to add zigbee or z-wave devices (sensors, light switches, etc) when I try to add a new device in the new app.

I might be able to live without SHM; but not without having the option to add new zigbee or z-wave devices.

I get that I am bringing the Hub out of a “supported” region; and although it is understandable that Samsung might restrict somefunctionality ; doing it while migrating users to a new platform, without informing these users that their hub will not work as it did before, well… that isn’t cool.

My point: Will this be permanent? Or is this happening as part of the migration process? If this restriction is permanent, I for sure am moving away from SmartThings platform before Samsung turn the lights out on the Classic App.

@vlad, do you have any information to share in this regard?

(Daniel Ionescu) #268

Get a temporary VPN with servers in US, have your router connect to it and add your new devices.

(Brad) #269

That wouldn’t help as it’s a catalog issue.

The catalog in the new SmartThings app is driven by your Samsung account’s region. So a user in Brazil will likely have a Samsung account with a region of Brazil. As SmartThings has not launched devices in Brazil at this time, the Brazilian device catalog is sparse.

The frustration of this is not lost on me but this is currently an account migration and not an app migration. Users are still free to use the Classic app.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #270


What if the Customer created a new Samsung Account using a VPN to temporarily be in the region of the USA? Would he thus “appear” to be a user in the USA whenever logging into the SmartThings App?

(Brad) #271

If your Samsung account’s region is the US, you will see the US catalog.

Where it gets tricky, and potentially in violation of local laws, is that you will only be able to add US devices. For example, Brazil’s Z-Wave frequency differs from the US.

(Robin) #272

Just moved over to a Samsung account (banner has been showing for a while but I was holding off until change of tenants in the property).

Complex setup, tonnes of devices, webCoRE pistons for everything, ActionTiles, Nest etc. all rolled over perfectly so very relieved.

Have the two locations everyone else is mentioning, but they both appear identical with the same devices etc… not entirely sure which one to use lol but I’ll figure it out.

GitHub references all survived as well, so that bug must have been squished.

Hopefully not speaking to soon :crossed_fingers:

(Craig) #273

Question to anyone who has had this:

I am the main account holder, my wife has a secondary account to whom added to ST.

She has the upgrade notification on the ST Classic app (been there for about 2 months).

I have yet to receive the upgrade notice, so I messaged ST Support and get a pretty useless and pointless answer which didn’t address any of my questions (no surprise there).

I also asked them if my wife (Secondary user) is receiving the upgrade, why am I the primary user not?

SO my question:

  1. How can I upgrade her account to the latest ST app /account as surely her account does not have the rights to start the migration process of all the things?

  2. What happens if she upgrades now, does it effect her login if the things do not migrate ?

  3. If they somehow did migrate, then what happens to my account?

  4. Why can’t they manually trigger my account to migrate as the primary account holder?

Anyone have the answers here or have had the same scenario, support could not give me an answer as to when I will get the upgrade notice. all in all pretty unhelpful.

(DavidK) #274

Well, I had the same issue. My wife was listed as available to upgrade before my main account.

Waited until my account was ready.

Confusing process!! Lol

(Andreas A.) #275

Had the same – my wife received the upgrade notification several weeks before me (account holder). I upgraded her as soon as the notification showed (to avoid questions & confusion) and it was not an issue to have her upgraded and me (the main account) not.

(Ron S) #276

Ditto. Same here. Credit goes to support when I reported and was “upgraded”. :wink:

(Gene Clark) #277

Will you ever fix this so you can log into SmartThings app from Fire tablets?

(Ecallegari) #278

This regional lock has been a pain in the ass when I tried to install in my parents home :frowning: very painful process to reset the damn thing to get them access.

(Jay) #279

Same here. I’d been through the pain with my own system (extra location appearing, TV switching on without me connecting it, my wife can’t log on as the additional user icon had disappeared etc…). I get that sorted in August after working through the issues and waiting for the fix update. Then I get this burning feeling in the back of my neck that I’ll have to go through this again at my in-laws, as I had the great idea to install one for them in 2017. (worked well at the time and they really relied on it). Well this weekend I’ve been at their house and they’d reset the Hub (with no idea of the Welcome code), all the devices were missing but each one thought it was connected so had to do a full reset on each device, oh and they have the Smartthings cameras which ST in their wisdom decided to stop supporting. (got it to work though, through some luck and, no just luck I suppose).

At some point we’ll move from the ‘Early Adopters’ hick-ups and transition to the smooth running of ‘Early Majority’ users. We’ll laugh about this then in 2025.