IKEA Vindstyrka air quality sensor successfully paired

!Hi everyone,

I bought this sensor today and have successfully paired the sensor with the hub.

The sensor is recognized by the hub as a multi-sensor and correctly reads temperature and humidity using a driver from the smartthings beta channel. I would like to get pm 2.5 a tvoc if it’s possible… any ideas?

I try others driver without succes


I bought one yesterday but haven’t tried it yet. Would be nice to have it fully working

Yes, I think that we need the help of a developer

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How did you get it paired to the hub? I have tried multiple times with the app, with no luck…

After several attempts without luck, I try to push multiple times the link button on the ikea device during the pairing procedure with the hub.

Thank you so much! that worked!

Happy to hear that, now i hope to get full functionality…

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Was anyone able to find an edge driver for reading air quality?

Hello @sdbg

No, I recently found something on github, but i don’t understand if could be useful…