Ikea starkvind

Hi all,

I planning on buying the IKEA starkvind purifier. I have a Philips now, but adding a new one is twice the price and filters are 3x more expensive.

I was wondering if there are integrations into smartthings (hub v3). I can’t seem to find any topics on it here. There is a zigbee2mqtt integration that I have found, but no idea how that works with smartthings…

Can you guys enlighten me?

For now… The table version is nice to look at, so that’s my choice.
It’s shows up alright and it gives me “Z-wave sensor” - However it’s a zigbee-router, so that can’t be correct (And it has zigbee on the box).

Somehow the sensor should be giving it data on the air quality. I don’t think it is able to switch the device on/off (that would have been nice - window open > device off) since it’s a physical nob.

I’ll have a look if I can get it going with my own code, but it’s my first and don’t expect anything but the measurements. If you are more experienced, please let me know.

I have the Meross Wifi Air Purifier. It works with ST.

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This problem almost always occurs because the author of the device handler/edge driver, who could be a smartthings staff person, made a typo in the “fingerprint” of a device, so that it picked up the wrong match. Like coding the wrong model number. :thinking:

That’s a nice machine. However not sold here and excluding import duties its already twice the price.

I’ll give it a go this my own coding.

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Did you by any chance manage to write a new device handler? I cannot seem to find a specific device handler to have the Ikea Starkvind properly work with Smartthings and being able to operate it from the app.

I’ve not come around it yet. Still on my todo list though.

Ok, please let me know if you manage to do it. I am interested.