IKEA Badring

Just bought the new IKEA Badring water sensor hoping it could work with ST as it only costs £9.

I’ve tried the MC thing moisture driver but no luck.

Anyone managed to get this working…?


See this thread

Ok, I’ve connected it with this driver but just get this message : Waiting ZigBee Message

You have to simulate Water Detected situation. Put sensor probe to water then sensor is sending message Wet.

Sorry, I should have said, I did that and it beeps and flashes but nothing on ST.

I bought two so may try the other one…

Thanks for your support

Wait about 30 minutes and when you open the device or with a refresh it will start to see the events, it is a smartthings problem

Thanks so much for your help and support, yes it did come on line after a while and showed the status dry; I then simulated it being wet so it alarmed but Smartthings stairs started dry.


Anyone having issues adding the device to Smartthings to begin with? Factory resetting it many times but Smartthings cant seem to find it. Any advice?

Have you installed this driver to your Hub?

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I managed to connect but it constantly connects and disconnected and doesn’t alarm on Smartthings. Not good at all

Yes, have installed it but can’t get Smartthings to even find a unit to add. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong when trying to add it. Trying through my app and doing a factory reset pressing 4 times until it blinks.

I don’t know. I don’t have this Ikea device. When adding Ikea devices, the device must be installed right next to the hub during pairing.

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Okay thanks though!

I have installed Badring with mentioned edge driver (mc). It works bad: In direct test it shows “leak” status only from time to time (at time while sensor contacting with water and ringing).
Also it shows wrong “disconnected” / “connected again” statuses few times a day. (With notification from Smart Things).

Is it a device bug or driver?

Are you using LADDA rechargeable battery HR03 AAA 1.2V?

If you are using 1.5V AAA battery maybe device is not operating correctly.

I had the same problems when using 1.5V AAA battery with Ikea Vallhorn motion sensor.

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I have the same issues and I am using rechargeable batteries i.e. 1.2v rather than 1.5v at I had heard that they only work reliability with rechargeable batteries.

I also don’t know if it’s a driver or device issue. It’s a shame as the device has a lot of potential at a good price on paper…

In order for the device to configure correctly the periodic reports, it is essential to reset it and pair it directly with the Mc driver.

If you made a driver change from zigbee thing, then the device does not configure correctly and does not send reports correctly

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Ok, I finally got mine working, when I looked I still had a device lurking from my initial attempt to connect it as a ZigBee moisture sensor (not allocated to a room so I missed it). After I deleted that and all other instances of the water sensor I went through the pairing from scratch, Smartthings saw it as the correct IKEA device with the driver and it now works faultlessly. Actually a brilliant little sensor at a great price.

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